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Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System Provides Your Car with Luxury Features

Jul 1, 2021, 7:26 pm / Lara

Long drives at night with the city twinkling away is a dream moment for all the long drive lovers. However, to think of the person behind the steering wheel, sometimes it is a problem to see the road clearly. Most of the accidents occur at night due to this problem. To help enhance safe driving, night vision systems have been introduced in the market for the past two decades.

But even then, only those luxury vehicles made by BMW, Audi and other high-end car brands is equipped with such system, which is built in at high cost. Ordinary car drivers continue to face the usual problems until Lanmodo came out with the night vision system that is applicable for almost all cars. It has some of the most amazing features that are like a blessing to the world of cars.

1. Use is not limited to any specific car

The night vision system is not limited to any particular brand or a car model because of its easy installation and operation method. It can be installed by a non-slip mat on car dashboard or by a suction cup on windshield, the whole process is easy and you can do all this by yourself. Besides, there are buttons on the system, so you can make adjustments easily according to your needs.

2. 1080p high resolution camera

The camera comes with a 1080P full HD resolution and full-color images, which is definitely a large breakthrough in night vision technology, because in the past night vision systems can only provide black-and-white image.This feature is a wonderful one since drivers don't have to struggle to find out what lies ahead of the car. The driver can spot the dangers beforehand and even tiny animals like a kitten or a squirrel can be saved with this feature. A camera with an excellent resolution is always preferable for the high-quality images.

3. Enhancement technology usage provides clearer images

Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system uses the enhancement technology of images and hence, it can create a sharp and clear vision even in low light conditions, so that the driver don't need to fear of driving at night anymore with this, they will know well the road signs clearly and take precaution measures accordingly. The system works well while driving on highway or even while climbing the rugged terrains of a mountain when there is moonlight.

4. 45-degree wide-angle vision

A good drive is always coveted and loved. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system comes with a wide-angle view of 45 degrees that enables the driver to get a proper and broad view of the road. Besides, the system can help drivers get a long view distance of 300m utmost, which will surely help them tame measures in advance and avoid accidents.

5. Keep safe driving in various adverse conditions

Apart from night driving, Lanmodo Vast Pro can also help drivers see well in rainy days and foggy weather, so you don't have to worry about driving in these conditions. Sometimes little animals tend to jump in front of the car unintentionally or lurk in the corner of the roads, which can be difficult to spot otherwise. Their lives can thus be saved due to this system. On the other hand, even while you are ascending a mountainous track, several bolts and rocks can create havoc on the journey. Also, while you are steering cautiously, there can be situations where you need to concentrate, like an open cliff that can be dangerous. The night vision system helps you in these situations.

6. The rear view camera is a bonus

Besides the front camera, the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system also comes with a rear view camera, which provides 1080p resolution image and 170-degree vision. The side mirrors already provide an idea about the back; now think of a high-resolution camera showing you what lies behind. This ensures a double surety and makes it comfortable and safe for a night drive. And if you are a truck driver, this is even more useful because you can check the cargo easily.

Features, if limited to specific luxury cars, can be useless for the common people. The regular vehicles do not always come equipped with an in-built system to support luxurious features. Hence, Lanmodo Vast Pro is a boon to the ordinary people due to its versatility.

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