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Lanmodo Night Vision Camera Saves You a Lot

Jul 1, 2021, 5:24 pm / Evelyn Smith

Night driving is one of the most daunting tasks that drivers undertake. It is a challenge in itself as the visibility is very low. Have you ever encountered an accident because you were unable to see clearly due to night driving or rains? How much did you end up spending on getting your car repaired? We're sure you had to spend a hefty amount. We are glad to introduce the latest car gadget that can help you to save a lot. The Lanmodo car night vision camera is a real savior when it comes to night driving. Let us explore how it can help you.

The Aim of Lanmodo Car Night Vision Camera

The Lanmodo car night vision camera is a safe driving assistant. It is a self-contained and high-density vision camera with a monitor that aims to enhance your road visibility under various conditions. These conditions include low lighting, rainy days, foggy weather, etc.

With the help of this gadget, you will be able to perceive the road in advance. This will assist you to take precautionary measures and stay safe. Whether it's rainy days, foggy weather or poorly lit roads, this night vision gadget will give you a clear view of the road ahead.

From animals to people, and objects, this night vision camera captures everything and displays it on the monitor to help you stay vigil and prevent accidents.

The Key Features:

  1. Compact Design
  2. The Lanmodo camera is a compact device that features a lens on back side, and a screen on the front side. It uses active infrared technology to provide clear images of the road.

    It has an IPS screen measuring 8” that makes viewing comfortable for the driver. It allows you to judge the road quickly, even while driving at a high speed. The screen can be fixed on the dashboard or the windshield with absolute ease. The compact design of the gadget can perfectly fit your car without causing any distraction.

  3. 1080P High Resolution
  4. Talking about the image quality of this device, we can say that it is par excellence. It displays images of the road with a full HD resolution of 1080P. This gives you better visuals of the road even in poor lighting. The images are impressive and crisp which is superior to many other night driving assistants. At a high resolution of 1080P, the images appear life-like and make road viewing easy.

  5. Full-color Image
  6. The Lanmodo night assistant device features a 7 glass lens with an infrared optical lens. This reflects a bright, full-colored, and real-life image of the road on the screen. You can thus see the actual situation of the road and save yourself from any unfortunate events.

    This is a wonderful feature of the Lanmodo camera is based on low-light imaging technology, which is not present in many other night vision systems. The colored images make your vision as bright as daylight.

  7. 45-degree Wide-Angle Vision
  8. Driving at night with low and high beams does not provide crystal clear view of the road. To help you see clearly, the Lanmodo Vast has a 45-degree wide-angle vision. This provides a broader view of the road. You can thus judge the road quickly and know the potential hazards.

  9. Extended Vision Distance
  10. Extend your vision up to 300m with this night vision system. The Lanmodo Vast Pro lets you see a distance more than what your headlights can cover. With this extended vision distance, you can see further ahead and avoid accidents.

  11. Easy Installation
  12. If you thought that this technically advanced gadget will be a difficult task to install, then let us tell you that it's the opposite. You can install this gadget in a few simple steps. It can be installed either using a suction cup or a non-slip mat.

    With the help of suction cup you can fix the device on to your windshield. And if you want to install it on the dashboard, you can use the non-slip mat.


If you are a night traveler, then you are going to love Lanmodo car night vision camera. It is one of the most innovative pieces of tech that is useful for maintaining road safety. It is optimized for better visual effects that go a long way in allowing you to see the road clearly.

It keeps you safe on the road and also saves you all the money that you have to spend in case you had an accident and your car needs repairs. Cost-effective and compatible with 99% of the car models, this device is a must-have for all the night drivers.

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