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Lanmodo Night Vision Camera Makes Your Night Driving Easier

Jul 1, 2021, 5:17 pm / Brian Lageose

Do you find it hard to drive at night, but can't avoid doing so? In primary respects, night driving is not as easy and safe as driving during the day, because streetlights are not as bright as daylight and even so, you might get stressed for not seeing clearly. Even if you are a skilled driver, you might not get much help in situations when there is not much light or when there is fog or heavy rains. It is during these times that finding help through the Lanmodo night vision camera makes a lot of sense.

1. Compact design

The system uses a front-facing camera for capturing image road ahead, and the camera is made of 7-layer full glass lens. The screen size is 8 inches diagonally, such size will provide drivers with clear and crisp image without distraction. It focuses on distant objects to as far as 984ft. With this visibility, the driver will then see distant image on the screen and take precaution measures.

As you should know, this is not a touch screen and there is no app adjoining it. The Lanmodo car night vision camera is being operated by a total of 6 analogue buttons, placed on the top side of the screen and you get everything done through these controls. These buttons are small in size, but made accessible even to stout fingers. However, it is important to note that to use them, you will need a bit of finesse, as they are placed close to each other.

2. Ease of Installation

Some people are hesitant to purchase the Lanmodo night vision camera, thinking that they will incur expenses for its installation. Contrary to their beliefs, the product is easy to install and when we say easy, it means that you can do the process by yourself, and it takes less than 5 minutes. You don't have to bring your car to the shop to make it work because even if you are not a DIY person, the accompanying instructions will help you get it done. Just follow what the instructions say.

There are two options for installation. For one, you can have it placed on the dash and held securely by the non-slip mat. Second, you can have it attached to the windshield by the suction cup. Simply choose which one is for you, although both are effective and would not pose any issues.

Therefore, you see, this night vision camera is not like the other night vision systems that you may find in the market. What's more, it is much, much cheaper compared to some other alternatives.

3. Super Night Vision

This night vision camera will give you clear images in an environment where there is insufficient light. In fact, the camera will need only faint light to give you a very clear image. What makes this possible is the use of light magnification technology. This is the process by which any object is magnified in order to form an image that is enlarged. Therefore, you get a pretty wide view of the road.

The images, additionally are presented in full colour, using 1080p high definition. It also sports a 36-deg wide filed of view, so that it can capture a range that is far beyond what your naked eyes or your headlights can see. This wide angle of view also ensures that this system is looking only where it should be. With a broader view of the road, you are allowed to see hazards - objects, animals or people that are in front of you, even before your headlights can spot them. This enables you to take measures, such as stopping the car to avoid hitting them and prevent any fatality.

4. Fit to Various Car Models

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera for car is applicable for use in any make and model of vehicles. Whether you have a sedan, pick up, SUV or truck, you can use this innovative product and be benefited by the advantages it provides.

If you are looking for safe and easy driving at night, you can take advantage of having a Lanmodo night vision camera. You will surely have a better vision of the road with this product, than your unaided eyes. When it is raining hard and you get blurred vision due to the downpour or during foggy weather or whenever your vision is compromised, this product can make it easy for you to get through these situations easily.

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