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Lanmodo Full Color Night Vision System Redefines Automotive Night Vision

Jul 1, 2021, 4:54 pm / Brian Lageose

When you're driving at night, especially on a poorly lit road, it will strain your eyes to try to see clearly. This is the reason why car manufacturers have taken steps to make it safer to drive in the dark. Companies such as GM, Toyota, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have already introduced the night vision system in their luxury cars. This invention ensures that when you hit the road after sundown, you can see what's up ahead and you can avoid getting into an accident. While the product is considered innovative, the images they presented are in black and white and hence are not very clear.

The good news is that the Lanmodo automotive night vision system can provide full-color image, which is more convenient and is now available for all consumers who have concerns for safety issue.

1. Full Color Night Vision

Yes, it's a full color image and it reflects the road situation in real time. Its camera is 28mm, with 7G full glass optical lens. The optical filter allows you to see clearer and brighter images. The colors are bold and bright and most likely they provide you with what you need to see while driving at night.

Sometimes you would not know that an object is already there, until it is already in front of you, which is dangerous and you may don't have enough time to react. That's why the Lanmodo night vision system has been designed to be used to increase your safety. It has a 36 deg wide-angle vision for a broader view and offers a night view distance of 300m.

2. 1080P High Resolution

Internally, the camera is supported by a Sony MCCD photosensitive chip, which is very quick to respond to light. And the Lanmodo night vision system is supplied with the 8” IPS screen, which is reasonably sharp can make the image more vivid. Its 1080P resolution gives you a super clear image even in a dark, rainy or foggy environment. 40% of accidents happen during these hours because of low visibility and the night vision system is a great help because it can reflect the road situation and help drivers to be safe and secure.

3. Easy Installation and Portable

The Lanmodo automotive night vision system can be fitted into 99% or almost all car makes and models. Additionally, there should be no worries about the process of installation, as you can do it all by yourself even if you are not so much of a do-it-yourself individual. You need not go to a shop for them to do the work. Actually, there are 2 methods of installation. The first is using a suction cup to hold the device on windshield and adjust its angle. The second is using a non-slip mat that you attach to your dashboard and then simply placing the night vision system by Lanmodo over the mat. You can find the step by step instructions on the manual.

4. Affordable Night Vision

The last, but most important thing to consider about this product is that it has been made affordable, so that every consumer can avail. Not everyone can buy a luxury car, with the night vision feature, the built in products alone will cost you $2,500. While the Lanmodo night vision system is being sold at just $3699. If you want an upgrade with a rear camera, you only need to add $90 to your purchase price.

It is time for you to get one for your vehicle and why not? You never know when bad weather is likely to happen and the Lanmodo is a great driving assistant that can keep you safe, whatever the condition of the road you are traversing. You get accurate, full color images and you need not break the bank to buy it.

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