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Lanmodo Color Night Vision: Driving At Night with Ease!

Jul 1, 2021, 5:10 pm / Lara

Have you ever wondered about adding color night vision to your car when driving at night? Color night vision has already been adopted in the professional field. Automotive night vision adoption gets a late start but still, it's worth the wait. Now it's time to add colors to your car with Lanmodo night vision system that provides a crisp and clear image of vehicle, animal, person, or anything before your car. With Lanmodo color night vision, you can clearly see the outside world at night, that too, at affordable rates.

1. What is Color Night Vision?

The infrared night vision before can only provide black & white image. These systems are equipped with energetic LEDs that streams the whole scene present in front of the system by using the infrared lights. This results in a crisp and clear image so that you can identify anything near you appropriately. These systems also effectively manage the light condition when you drive at night, providing you with a convenient experience while driving. The color night vision is basically an advanced form of traditional infrared night vision technology. The landmark color night vision technology utilized by Lanmodo is a remarkable innovation that will truly enhance your driving experience.

2. Introduction to the Automotive Color Night Vision System

Currently, black-and-white image night vision systems still dominate the automotive night vision market due to their convenience to use. But Lanmodo color night vision offers these benefits to the customers along with a better night driving experience.

The in-built car night vision system in BMW, Audi, Benz, and more luxurious brands only provides a black-and-white image, until Lanmodo enters the market with a color night vision system that provides you and your loved ones with a sense of luxury and safety through its eminent technology. There are a number of features that Lanmodo color night vision offers, that you can never imagine at such affordable price such as:

  1. Full-Color Image

The Lanmodo color night vision system offers you an 8” IPS screen that will bring true colors in your life. The colors involved are so clear and pure that what you see on the display screen are the same as you see with naked eyes - giving you an everlasting experience throughout your beautiful journey on roads. Talking about the quality of Lanmodo color night vision, with its efficient camera, you can even distinguish the red flowers from the green leaves while you drive at night.

  1. 1080P High-Resolution Assists Night Driving

A color night vision system with an attractive resolution is always demanded by automotive consumers around the world. High resolution of the camera is key to high-quality images. To enhance your night driving experience, Lanmodo Vast Pro comes with an attractive 1080p HD resolution. With such a display, you can clearly identify each and every object properly near or far from your vehicle. This prominent feature minimizes your struggle to check out what is ahead of your car. With an exclusive 1080p image, even a small kitten or squirrel can be saved while you drive at night.

  1. Night Vision Distance Up To 984ft

When you are driving your car, what is the main problem you encounter? Not able to look clearly at the distant object. Right? To solve your problem, the Lanmodo color night vision system provides you with a clear image of the object present up to 984 ft from your car. So now, you can easily drive to your work or can enjoy a trip with your family while Lanmodo gets you covered. Even in bad weather conditions, you shouldn't be worrying about any unforeseen situation. Lanmodo's highly efficient color night vision camera will ensure that you make each and every turn safely and conveniently.

  1. Easy Installation, Applicable To Almost All Cars

To ensure easy installation, Lanmodo color night vision systems come with a self-contained facility. With this additional benefit, the Lanmodo Vast will not require any professional help. Making it applicable to almost all types of car models. The installation process is quite easy and convenient. You just have to fix the system on the non-slipping mat or the suction cup provided with the product, then attach them to dashboard or windshield for your convenience.

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