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Lanmodo Car Camera Improves Your Night Vision for Driving

Jul 1, 2021, 5:27 pm / Brian Lageose

Driving at night can be a challenge for all drivers. Obviously, this increases the chance of accidents or risks. It's the reality check that one cannot avoid driving at night, but still the driver can try his best to ensure safety by any mean. While living in this era, it's all about the technology. Similarly, the car night vision camera is an advanced driving assistant.

Herein, the Lanmodo car night vision camera is the best option for safety, especially at night. Assuredly, the car night vision makes the driver able to see in the dark and helps to detect the risk at times. This technology saves you from accidents when driving at night. It's time to explore some of the features of Lanmodo car camera, so here they are.

1. 7-Layer Glass Lens

Among multiple features of the night vision car camera, you can't ignore the highlights of the 7-layers glass lens. Basically, it's the front-facing camera that has multiple layers of lenses. With such feature, the driver can easily get a clear image because these glasses can help reduce light diffusion and present more vivid color, and you can get an optimal vision even in low lighting. Obviously, this combo of lenses certainly results in the perfect picture.

Is the efficient result only get via lenses or there are any other features to discuss? That's cool enough to ask actually. There is high-quality Sony sensor inside the Lanmodo car night vision camera that helps a lot. After the lens capture image of the road situation, a high sensitivity sensor will enhance the image quality and transfer it to the screen. Via this Sony sensor, drivers can easily see the image on the screen while driving at night.

2. 8-Inch IPS Screen

If you are using the Lanmodo car night vision camera, then you probably know about the IPS screen. Yes, the 8-inch IPS screen makes the Lanmodo car camera unique from others. IPS display reflects accurate and consistent colors and will definitely help to view all angles clearly. As per the viewpoint of experts or experienced drivers, 8-inch is a suitable size to bring comfortably placed images. What else do you want instead of the best protection device? So now if you want to park in a dark area or pitch closed area like a closed garage or the corner side, there will not any risk anymore. Just get the direction via the Lanmodo system and all will do safely for sure.

3. The Full-Color Image at 1080P High Resolution

Oh yes, together with the help of 7-layer glass lens, quality Sony sensor and the IPS screen, the images are in full color at high resolution. 1080P, or known as full HD, is able to let you see the details in a picture. While it's full color gives you a complete idea of what's on the road. With such a high resolution, there is less chance to get you stuck in an accident or risk. So, go with the Lanmodo car night vision camera and enjoy the high-resolution image.

4. 45° Wide-angle Vision

Let's talk about another highlighted feature of the Lanmodo car night vision camera—45-degree wide-angle vision. Even more amazingly, the wide-angle vision of the car camera allows the drivers to see as far as more than 300m. Isn't this fantastic for the driver while driving at night? Definitely Yes. In fact, the driver can get a margin of 12 seconds when driving at 60km/h, as the extended night vision distance helps to inform the drivers early.

5. Easy Installation and Portable

Despite all features, the Lanmodo car night vision camera is easy to install. Whether going anywhere, you are free to install the camera into the socket or with the permanent screen display. You need to believe that installing the car camera is much easier than you might think.

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