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Lanmodo Affordable Car Night Vision System is Worth a Second Look

Jul 1, 2021, 5:08 pm / Richard

Have you ever thought of adding night vision to your vehicle, but finding that the current ones on the market are very expensive? And when you look for cars with in-built night vision, you are also frustrated by the high price. Fortunately, there is Lanmodo affordable night vision system, a portable system that is equipped with wonderful features. It is a self-contained system which is developed to function independently and increase the ease of drivers by providing them with an affordable night vision.

It is developed to allow the drivers to predict and control their vehicles according to the upcoming road conditions by providing a wide-angle roadside view, which will directly assist in reducing harm to the nearby animals, the driver or even the vehicle itself.

1. Affordable and Portable

Compared with in-built night vision systems which cost $2500 or above, Lanmodo is definitely affordable as it only costs $369. Rather than buying a high-price luxurious car with expensive night vision, the monetary investment is comparatively very less for installation of Lanmodo night vision system. Moreover, the ease of installing the device whether on the dashboard or windscreen serves the purpose as an additional accessory. Thus, the affordability and portability of this night vision system are the two main primary reasons why it has turned as a driver's first choice when it comes to a night vision system.

2. Super Night Vision

Light magnification technology utilised for the functioning of Lanmodo night vision system captures clear image even with just faint light. The super night vision system also allows you to see things when your naked eyes can't. The in-built camera is capable of providing 1080P high resolution image, it has 7-layer full glass to decrease light diffusion make the images more vivid. By bringing distant objects closer, the driver can adjust speed accordingly. The large display screen with this quality of resolution is a good driving assistant, which can definitely boost your driving visibility.

3. 8-Inch IPS Screen, Not Cause Eye Strain

The in-plane switching system or IPS is a LED-based display technology in the form of an LCD. These IPS systems installed in Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system are famous for sharper reproduction of colors and better viewing angles if compared to other types of screens. The resolution and utilised set of light rays are friendly to eyes while it also improvises the quality of the picture.

Moreover, the 8” IPS display screen is composed of 8-bit RGB depth of color and can produce 16.7 million colors. Hence, this night vision system is sufficiently capable enough of generating realistic and vibrant images on the screen and contributes the least in eye-straining.

4. 45-Degree Angle Vision, Long View Distance

Lanmodo night vision system is also installed with a 45-degree wide-angle view camera which can easily cover the range of up to 300m. Thus, giving the driver to see and spot any objects coming his or her way at a greater distance. This also allows the driver to take preventive measures rather than getting in trouble right at that moment.

The advantage of giving a wider view of roads also assists in predicting the upcoming scenario and help in avoiding the occurrence of any damage. This also adds an additional element for the drivers along with the pedestrians by providing safety and security, which will surely help one to have better driving experience.

5. Useful in Rainy and Foggy Weather

Lanmodo night vision car assistant not only serves you a better and broader vision when it gets dark, but also works to bring you a clearer view in rainy or foggy days. Thus, helping you to get fully aware of the climatic and roadside conditions.

The optional rearview camera with 170 degrees wide-angle view possesses waterproof nature, so that the drivers can easily park their cars if they are encountering such unfavorable weather conditions. So, you don't have to worry about those blurry visions when all of a sudden it starts raining in your town.

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