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In-depth Introduction of Driver Assist Technology on Mercedes-Benz

Jul 1, 2021, 4:44 pm / Abigail Williams

When it comes to safety features on a vehicle, nothing beats the incredible level of technology that Mercedes-Benz employs for its vehicles. Being a pioneer in car tech, Mercedes has created some of the finest tools in driver assist technology and there is quite a range of features that they offer. Everything comes with its own important set of functions and each class of Benz has unique packages in terms of the type of tech that is offered with it. Let us have a look at what this top notch car manufacturer has on offer for its customers!

Night View Assist Plus

Night time driving is no fun thing and being on the road at night means you are prone to a range of different dangers. While there may be a few anomalies, the most common type of problem is sight related. Humans have limited night time vision and this is why we use headlights, which are often insufficient. Mercedes-Benz has taken that problem and added their touch to it and as a result, the S-class comes with night vision system in the speedometer display. The headlights have infrared cameras installed in them that can measure moving objects, animals and people more than 500 feet away. The camera feed is analyzed by a computer that then displays the image on the speedometer and shows moving objects by highlighting them. This kind of range is impossible to achieve by human eye and can really help improve the level of safety in your car.

Active Brake Assist

This one has a pretty self-explanatory name and it is available in multiple classes including M, E, S and GL as well. Mercedes-Benz offers its customers one of the most important tools in driver assist technology. The car comes with an active brake assist system that works in three stages. When the system sees that your car is heading towards a collision, it beeps. If the distance keeps reducing then the display changes color and gives out a louder beep. In case the driver is still not able to respond and the distance reduces to a dangerous level, the vehicle steps in and hits the breaks, saving you from the danger ahead. This system is also very useful when reversing the car, especially while parking it. The system itself seems like an extra feature but it is actually a great feature to have in our car.

Automatic Parking

One of the most interesting features on Mercedes-Benz S-class and E-class is the automatic parking system. It is one of the most interesting systems in production, at least when it comes to driver assist technology and seeing it in action can really wow you! The main purpose of the system is to park your car when there no space for you to get out of your car and you have just enough space to fit the car itself. Under such scenarios you can rely on this incredible feature by Mercedes that basically parks the car itself. The system has highly sensitive sensors across the vehicle that scan for moving objects. Once it detects that the path is clear, the car automatically starts itself, moves into the spot and gets parked. All this is done using the smart key comes with your car.

Information Communication System

Commonly referred to as the Car-to-X communication system, this incredible leap of technology is a great step in adding sufficient safety features for car owners. The system is one of the latest offerings by Mercedes in driver assist technology and its main purpose is to provide the driver with information that he or she can't see with their own vision. The system relies on communicating with other vehicles and road infrastructure that allows the driver to make smart decisions by considering upcoming obstacles and changes in advance. The system is not designed to be something on Mercedes-Benz only as it is on offer on the E class Benz. Mercedes aims to launch a kit that can be used universally, thereby growing the radio network of vehicles at an exponential rate.

All these show how much driver assist technology has grown in the last few years and it allows us to appreciate the kind of effort companies like Mercedes are doing to make the road a much safer place!

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