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How Customers Talk About Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision System?

Jul 10, 2019, 2:14 pm / Abigail Williams
Lanmodo is famous for manufacturing world's first auto car tent. The company has never failed to impress its customers by producing finest quality, long lasting products. Recently, Lanmodo has introduced the ultimate automotive night vision system, making an addition to its superlative car protection products. The marvelous Lanmodo Vast 1080P Automotive Night Vision System detects you about pedestrian, cyclist, or any animal which is beyond the reach of your headlight illumination when driving on the dark road, rainy and foggy days. This device offers the driver with 1080P full HD resolution image, enhancing your driving experience, by permitting you to view full color, lifelike images. It can be mounted to nearly 99% of car model, without any hassle. It has been very beneficial for several customers. Let's have a look over what these customers have to say regarding Lanmodo Vast.
  1. Jesse Brown, a truck driver and delivery man, who usually works at night time:

I faced great difficulty to avoid accidents and clearly see while driving the truck late at night due to insufficient light. After doing some research I purchased Lanmodo Night Vision System along with the night rear view camera, as it was affordable and had some attractive features. The device installed in my truck without any inconvenience. The rear view camera provides me with an excellent, high definition image. I can now effortlessly perceive the back view. It also offers 36 degree wide-angle vision. Furthermore, I can also deliver while it is raining, as this device assist substantially to see clearly in rainy days which is because this night rear view camera is IP67 Waterproof. Most importantly, I can easily switch the front or rear view by simply pressing the signal switch. The night vision system automatically switches to rear view when reversing the car. This device is mind blowing. Now i can drive smoothly at night regardless of any weather condition.

  1. Karna, a new driver from USA:
It's been three months since i received my driving license. Last month, i was driving back to home from my friends place who lives in suburbs. Due to low light intensity, I was unable to detect the deer early. After viewing deer, I had very short span of time to apply brake and stop the car, resulting in collision with deer. Fortunately the deer was not in fatal injury and I called the Animal Emergency Center for help at once. Actually, I was quite devastated after the incident and narrated the event to my father. A week later my father purchased and installed Lanmodo Vast to my car. This device is outstanding, with its help, I can see farther and clearer of the dark road. Longer range allows me to have enough time to detect potential hazard and react accordingly.
  1. Jordan, an enthusiast of car and new technology:
I'm very enthusiastic about smart technology related to cars. Few days earlier, I came across the Lanmodo Vast, which can be mounted to many cars. Hence, I planned to give it a shot and see what's the hype regarding this product. The product came along with complete mounting kit, including mini screwdriver too! This device is so much superior than those In-Built Night Vision System. I tested Lanmodo Night Vision System in foggy and rainy conditions and guess what? I was able to see perfectly clear, 1080 HD high resolution image.
  1. Owen, who owns a BMW X5:
BMW offers In-Built Night Vision System in few models, however this feature is not available in BMW X5. And honestly, I am really glad that my car does not consist this feature. These devices offers black and white, low resolution images unlike Lanmodo vast which allow its driver to see clear, high quality, full color images. Moreover, In-Built NVS, do not provides a very wide vision angle, mainly ranging from 18 to 30 degrees. However, Lanmodo Vast permits to perceive better, by offering 36 degree wide-angle vision. And lastly, the In-Built night vision systems are very expensive, compared to Lanmodo Vast which is available at a very affordable price.
  1. Lisa, a single mother who works as a taxi driver in Thailand:
Life of single mother is not easy. To fulfill the necessities of my family I need to earn well for which I am required to work day and night. Driving taxi at night was really strenuous and risky. Furthermore, driving taxi in rainy or foggy weather conditions was becoming increasingly difficult. But after buying, this tremendous Lanmodo Vast 1080P Automotive Night Vision System, my earning doubled. I could easily and smoothly cruise my taxi in night time. Driving with Lanmodo improve safety in foggy and rainy days too. It provides with crystal clear, full color, lifelike images regardless of the weather condition.

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