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Driver Assist Technology- Do You Really Need It in Your Car?

Jul 1, 2021, 4:49 pm / Brian Lageose

Driving is one of the most basic things that one should learn in their life. It is a skill that one develops over time. Modern technology has infiltrated almost every sphere of life and driving is no exception. Some drivers could really do with some help, which might be due to the driving conditions, the limitations of the vehicles or the weather conditions in general. Driver Assist Technology is an amazing helping hand in situations like these and certainly helps in making driving a safer and secure experience.

What is more important though is to understand whether you need a Driver Assistance System or not and is your vehicle suitable enough to receive it. It goes without saying that big multinational car making companies will not invest a lot of money and manpower in something which they don't believe in. This is actually enough assurance about the credibility of the system. However, you shouldn't make the purchase blindly. It is always better to know a little bit more about driver assist technology in detail.

How to know whether you need a Driver Assistance System?

  1. Do not get carried away by the fact that if you install the latest assistance system, your vehicle will have an up-gradation in class and become more high-end. Though it is partially true, what you need to understand is that you will be shelling out quite a considerable amount for it. Therefore, do not invest in unnecessary additions. For example, if you live somewhere near the tropics like Hawaii having a heated seat will be a complete waste. Conversely, if you are in a country that is densely populated and needs accurate parking, a Parking Assistance System can do wonders. In short, choose what is best for you, honestly.
  2. Do not blindly trust every Driver Assistance System that is available in the market. You must have heard of the accidents caused by the self-driving cars by Tesla. It majorly happened because the sensors are not equipped enough to accurately measure the distance between other vehicles. It shows that the technology is not very reliable and you need to be mindful before investing in it.
  3. It is imperative that you have a thorough knowledge of the car model that you have. Not all car types will support all Driver Assistance System. Moreover, when you install one, there can be changes in manufacturing and functioning which might have a direct impact on the data of your car. Be careful about this aspect.

The top 5 Driver Assistance Systems that might prove to be useful in real life are-

  1. Car Night Vision System- This is an extremely useful device, especially for people who have to engage in a lot of driving at night. Vision can get really compromised at night and an extra set of eyes can prove to be really helpful in this scenario. A Car Night Vision System is the ideal device for this and the one by Lanmodo Vast Pro is the real deal-breaker. Their advanced cameras and high definition images displayed on an 8 inch screen gives you a clear picture of what lies outside up to a range of 300 meters. With the 1080p full-color image, your nights will feel like day and the clarity and contrast will also take you by surprise. The conditions might be further compounded by bad weather like rain and snow but once you install this, you don't have to worry about anything.
  2. Blind Spot Warning- It is difficult for the driver to see the rear end and the sides of the vehicle at all times. This is when this device comes handy. These work on the principle of sensors that can detect anything on these areas of blind spots and gives a warning in the form of either auditory, vibrating or tactile sensation.
  3. Lane Keep Assist- This is extremely useful when driving on crowded roads and on freeways as well. It gives a prior warning to the driver when it is suspected that the vehicle is moving off course and might leave the lane it is driving in. This can prevent a number of undue accidents and also prevent traffic jams to a large extent.
  4. Forward Collision Warning- This mainly works through sensors that detect your speed, the speed of the vehicle that is in front of you and the distance that is maintained between both of them. Whenever it breaches a safety parameter in any way, a warning of an impending forward collision is issued to the driver.
  5. Pedestrian Detection- Though it was originally created for video surveillance, the applications of it on automobiles are also very popular. It can detect the movements of pedestrians and give you a fair warning if someone is about to come in front of you unceremoniously which might actually cause problems. This is again applicable for crowded roads.

Now that you have a fair idea of the Driver Assistance System, you should make an informed choice and only buy the ones that will be beneficial for you.

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