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Drive Much Safer When Adding Lanmodo Color Night Vision Display to Your Car!

Jul 1, 2021, 5:02 pm / Evelyn Smith

For decades now, there has been steady research and development into what is commonly described as “color night vision”. Now, Lanmodo has made a large advancement into this technology and launched its color night vision display applicable to different vehicles.

There has been an enormous number of roadside incidents due to the unawareness of driver regarding the upcoming conditions of their path. The advanced color night vision system adopted by Lanmodo can help the driver to identify the presence of objects/animals and manage the current driving speed accordingly. This system has also introduced the idea of having an affordable night vision assistant which requires very low levels of maintenance and easy installation, as compared to the already working high budget night vision assistants.

1. True Color Image

The high-resolution camera installed for the effective functionality works on starlight technology, which means the Lanmodo colour night vision display stills capture clear image with just starlight. The starlight night vision system facilitates the user with vivid and high-quality images irrespective the condition of available lights.

The 7G full glass lens eliminates the effect of light diffusion for a better view of roadside objects. And it uses HWDR processing technology, it has enhanced the features of Lanmodo night vision system by providing color analytics with the option of producing full colour images. It assists the system to deliver images with the colors of the true objects, as compared to other cameras that can only provide black-and-white image.

2. Real-Time Display of the Road Situation

To drive safe, it is significant to get one's vehicle installed with the best colour night vision system. The real time display feature means the conversion of current road situation without taking any extra time so that the driver can be provided with data timely, without any delay in the process of image deliverance. Lanmodo night vision system can not only transform the blurry night view of the road but it also possesses the feature of quick processing. The smart image processing helps in increasing the visibility of the road and provide a safer travelling path for the drivers, especially at night.

The utilization of HD optical lens provides a brighter and clearer image of the upcoming road conditions, reducing the time consumption required for image processing. The night vision display either mounted on the dashboard or on the vehicle's windscreen incorporates a wide 8.2-inch screen with a 28mm lens induces the claimed magic of night vision.

3. Provide Clear Image in Dark Conditions

The light magnification technology of Lanmodo Vast Pro color night vision system channels the appropriate lighting, exposure and color depiction of the objects coming under its range. It provides crystal clear images of objects which cannot be viewed through naked eyes even if the headlights are turned on. The 1080P high-resolution camera with 8-inch IPS display provides modified and magnified visuals with no leverage on the picture quality and facilitates one with better and safe driving experience.

Additive assistance: the system is super convenient for the patients of Myopia or old aged people suffering from vision disabilities.

4. 45-Degree Wide Angle Vision

The 45° wide-angle vision offers a broader view of roads, which will help the driver to be informed of conditions around. It also allows the driver to maintain an appropriate distance from other vehicles coming across the path. Besides, its night view distance extends up to 300m, enabling drivers to have a clear view of the road in advance and take precaution measures.

5. Portable and Easy Installation

The self-contained and independent methodology utilized for Lanmodo night vision system provides the user with an easy installation process. Unboxing the night vision box includes a user manual, input cables and the smartly looking slim screen display. It has two ways of installation including the suction cup or the sticky-pad. In this way either it can be stick on the dashboard or hang at the front part of a windshield with a suction cup.

Moreover, this system is not restricted to a single car model, rather it gives the advantage of getting installed in any sort of vehicle. It is a cheaper replacement when compared with the already existing night vision assistants and can easily make one's driving experience safer and better.

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