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Drive More Easily at Night with Lanmodo Car Night Vision Camera

Jul 1, 2021, 4:39 pm / Evelyn Smith

Driving at night is far more challenging than driving during the daytime. Numerous factors add to the difficulty while you travel at night. Do you find it troublesome to drive at night because you cannot perceive the road clearly? Does poor lighting pose a big challenge for you?

Then we have a solution for you — Lanmodo car night vision camera can be of great help. It is a wonderful night vision system that will ease out most of your night driving difficulties. Let us know about this product in detail.

1. Package and product design

One of the foremost things that you will notice is the packaging of this product. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is very well packed. It is neatly placed into a very sturdy packaging box. To protect the product from any kind of damage during transportation, foams have been placed very carefully into the box and the main unit is very well nestled down into the foam for absolute safety. The product is accompanied by a screwdriver and extra screws as well, which reflects how considerate the manufacturers of the product are. The instruction manual of the Lanmodo system is simple and easy to understand. This helps you to smoothly get going with the product.

Talking about the product itself, it has a 7G full glass camera and an 8” screen. The screen enables you to easily view the road without any distractions. Though the product does not have a touchscreen feature, you can very easily operate it with the help of analog controls.

2. Functions and real test

The Lanmodo night vision camera comes with many useful functions. From installation to its actual working, this product is fantastic. Let us have a look at its features below.

  1. Easy installation

A good product is one that can be easily installed by the user. The Lanmodo car night vision camera is a product that can be installed in no time. There are 2 simple ways to install this into your car.

The first way is to fix it onto a non-slip mat and then attach the mat to your car's dashboard. Another way is to hook the Lanmodo camera to a suction cup. The cup can then be attached to the windshield. Once you have attached the camera, the next step is to connect it to the cigarette lighter or the OBD adapter with its cable. You can then start using the night vision system.

  1. Super night vision ability

This product makes use of low-light imaging technology, so it takes the smallest amount of light and amplifies it to form clear image. Due to this feature, the camera is capable of displaying a full-color image in high resolution of 1080P. The system can thus reflect the real situation of the road even in dark circumstances. If you want to drive at night, the Lanmodo camera has a 45-degree wide-angle vision, thus it can capture a broader view of the road. Your night vision can extend up to 300m with this system, which will make you aware of the road situation in advance. This will enable you to take the necessary precautions and maintain the safety of yourself and others too.

  1. Works well in rainy days

Taking the vision system one step ahead, the Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera can also function on rainy days. If you happen to be driving while it is pouring, you need not worry about the blurry vision. You can still stay safe and have a smooth ride. Lanmodo camera will reflect a clear and crisp image of the road ahead. It can also work well on foggy days and give you a safe ride in spite of the bad weather conditions outside.

  1. Who will need this?

The Lanmodo night vision camera is useful for all drivers. But it is especially helpful for some specific drivers; novice drivers, elderly people, and those who often drive at night can especially benefit from this product.

Elderly drivers often suffer from vision problems due to old age and other factors. The Lanmodo camera assists them during night time. It can help them to know what lies ahead of them on the road. Thus, they can react in time and stay safe.

If you are among those who often drive at night, then you should take help from the Lanmodo night camera. It will assist you while driving through poorly lit roads and help you to stay safe under all circumstances.

3. Conclusion

If you are looking out for a night vision driving assistant, the Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera is the answer. This system is one of its kinds and is extremely helpful in various weather conditions, especially at night. The system is reasonably priced and hence, it can be afforded by most of the people. Also, it is compatible with 99% of the car models. Thus, you can benefit from it no matter which car model you own.

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