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Does Your Car Need a Night Vision System?

May 17, 2019, 1:38 pm / Richard

I make it a point to listen to the news every day. Surprisingly, news of road traffic accidents cropped up every other day which made me wonder that it must be the driver's fault or they were rash driving or drunk and dismissed them. However, I was in for a pure shock when I came to know that my best friend Clayton became a victim of a car accident which took his life. His wife Lucy was shattered as she recalled having spoken to him the very night of the accident before going to bed as it was getting late. The next morning she woke up to the horrible news on the News Channel. A colleague of Clayton, who witnessed the situation with his own eyes, narrated the incident with bewilderment. He said that they were working late that night and decided to head back home together. Clayton was driving in front of him. The road weaved through a jungle area and it was pitch-dark. To top that, the road was pretty bad and repair work was underway. Somewhere or the other, all the factors like the sleepiness, the rocky road and most importantly the darkness engulfing them completely made Clayton lose control of his car and hit the fence, which resulted in him tumbling down the cliff with it. The incident still gives him nightmares.

Honestly speaking, I was devastated on receiving the news but it also got me thinking about all the assumptions I had been making about the car accidents at night. The fact is, more often than not, I have to engage in driving at night because of my work and I have found myself complaining multiple times about how dangerous and painful it is. The visibility is always low and the car headlights don't really help much in that situation. Plus, I'll be super tired and longing to hit the bed and sometimes would drive faster than the speed limit. Looking at all these factors, I decided what a dangerous thing I was doing to myself every day and it indirectly risked the lives of my family and kids as well. This spurred to look for more assistance in this regard and a night vision system seemed to be the ideal answer for night driving safety.

As I was browsing through the internet, I became aware that there are cars that come with an in-built night vision system that are really useful. However, on checking the price, I realized that it was way off my budget and I simply couldn't afford them. So the next big thing was to focus on external additional devices that could do the job well and I did exactly that. While I was going through YouTube videos randomly one day, I came across Lanmodo night vision system for cars. I would call it fate because it was purely by chance that I got redirected to a review video of the product by a user who had been using the facility for quite a well and was heavily impressed. A little more research led me directly to their website which had a tutorial and all the features of the Night Vision system and after consulting my wife, I finally decided to place the order.

Amazingly, I received the package within a week's time. It was wrapped so perfectly that there could have been no damage while transiting and I was extremely excited on testing it out. The setup was also pretty simple and I could configure it myself, without the assistance of an expert and it was up and running in no time. That is when I was assured that I had made the right choice. In daylight, the colors were balanced and gave a clear view. Most importantly, during night time the image was as clear and it wouldn't be an exaggeration if I said it felt like daylight on the screen.

A large part of it could be attributed to the fact that the front and rear cameras are of superior quality and the screen sports a 1080p full high definition setting. The camera also has a viewing angle of 36 degrees with a range of close to 300 meters. Imagine being able to see what is in front of you for such a distance in a clear screen with proper lighting. You will become aware of any obstruction or pothole on the road prematurely, be wary of approaching vehicles and modulate your speed, you can also see clearly if you are driving at night and in the rain or fog. This can potentially make your night driving experience safer and easier. I have not seen my wife and kids so happy and relieved for a long time after I installed the Lanmodo Automotie Night Vision System.

If, like me, you are someone who engages in frequent night driving and is aware of the perils associated with it, don't risk your life anymore. Resort to Lanmodo safe driving assistant system and install it in your car for the sake of the safety of yourself and your family.

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