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Colour Night Vision: The Future of Car Night Vision System

Dec 2, 2019, 9:14 am / Abigail Williams

“Night vision” as a term is familiar to most of us because it has been widely used in different fields, including use for military purposes. In the early stage, the images produced by night vision devices are not clear enough. With the gradual progresses in the technological field, color night vision has also become a celebrated entity. Although automotive night vision is a comparatively new phenomena, it holds immense potential. Currently, the night vision systems in cars only offer black-and-white images, but what if we push the boundary and said that it is time to add color to car night vision system?

If your camera has been capturing pictures with a grainy texture, it surely needs ambient amount of light. But there are a few manufacturers who have ventured far enough to create cameras that can develop clear image in dark conditions. In this article, we will discuss the essentials of color night vision and delve deep into how the Lanmodo color night vision system can be a lifesaver. Read on to find out more!

What is color night vision?

Given that color night vision has become the buzzword in the security industry, you may wonder what it truly means. It is a technological novelty that builds upon the previous mechanism of low light operation. Simply speaking, only a minimum level of light is needed for the camera to capture picture and present it in full color.

However, cars with in-built night vision cameras release infrared light rays to form image, no light is needed to capture videos henceforth no color image. “Color night vision” can only be achieved when there is faint light.

Lanmodo color night vision system

  1. 1080P high resolution

The Lanmodo color night vision system uses 7G full glass lens to reduce light diffusion and enhance sharpness. Naturally, all the images are crystal clear and you do not have to worry about grainy images that can cause eye strain. Furthermore, it makes the maximum utilization of the surrounding ambient light from yard lights, lamp posts, or even moonlights to make the picture quality vivid and bright. Its high resolution ensures that you will know the road situation at a glance of the 8.2-inch screen.

  1. Full color image

Most car owners complain that car night vision systems are not able to bring the colors of the outside world to life. This is understandable because most systems of this nature do not boast of a formidable and highly effective in-plane switching (IPS) screen. This state-of-the-art screen prevents low-quality color reproduction, instead it will display consistent and accurate color. Lanmodo's IPS screen facilitates real-life, true colors that make it easy to distinguish articles on the road.

  1. Portable system

Versatility is the benchmark against which each and every technological advancement is measured these days. Thankfully, the Lanmodo color night vision system stands tall in face of the perceived challenge. Do you wish to discard your old model for a new, shiny automobile that makes you cost like thousands of bucks? Fret not! Because this color night vision system can be used on various car models. This feature allows unparalleled flexibility because you no longer have to be held back whenever you want to diversify your car collection and make a new purchase. Quite a nifty deal, isn't it?

  1. 36-degree angle vision and long view distance

Well, you must be wondering by now, “All's well and good, but what about the practical aspects? Will it actually help me when I am driving at night?” Absolutely, yes! The 36-degree angle vision secures you as the driver because you may obtain a broader view of the road. The added long view distance feature affords an element of security because you can take precaution measure long before danger comes.

Now that you have an idea about color night vision and the features of the Lanmodo color night vision system, it sure seems like a great deal, doesn't it? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check it out!

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