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Color Night Vision Driver Assist to Keep Safe Driving All the Road

Jul 1, 2021, 4:30 pm / Lara

There are many night vision system brands in the market today, and you can find out about most of them when you search Google. But, one thing you will discover when you search “car night vision,” on Google is that most of the brands are display in monochrome (black and white) colors. To get a full-color clear image, you should consider going for Lanmodo color night vision system. The system is uniquely built and packed with tech-improved features. To learn more about these features, you should read to the end of this article.

1. IPS screen provides true to life color

Lanmodo night vision system is loaded with unique features for a better vision. It is built with an IPS screen, offering true to life color images of objects on the road. The 8 inches screen is suitable for a clear view of images without distracting drivers. So, you are going to get true nature of the road. One other thing you need to know about the IPS screen of Lanmodo system is that it offers better color reproduction. In that regard, you are going to get high image quality and color accuracy when you have this Lanmodo night vision driver assist installed into your car.

2. 1080P night vision effect

The inbuilt night vision system in most luxury cars only offers 480P image, so you need to take much effort to analyze the image. While this is not a problem for Lanmodo system, which adopt 7G full glass lens to ensure better visibility. Lanmodo provides 1080P high resolution image, the only and best in the current market, making night driving much safer. With the full-colored clear image offered by Lanmodo night vision, you will not have to worry about driving in a low light road. If you want to avoid involving in an accident as a result of poor visibility on the road, you should go on and get this tech improved night vision system offered by Lanmodo.

3.45° vision, night view distance up to 300m/974ft

Before accepting to install any night vision system brands into your car, you should confirm the possible night view distance and angle. While other night vision brands are known to offer 18° / 30°, the Lanmodo color night vision is offering a wider 45° vision angle. More so, it offers a broader view of the road extending to 300m/984ft. With this extended road view, you are going to know the road situation in advance and take precaution measures to avoid an accident.

4. Also, useful in rainy and foggy days

If you are planning to embark on a road drive on a foggy day, you must be prepared to face serious visibility issues. More so, you will have to face the risk associated with poor road visibility when you drive on a rainy day. To see the road better, you need Lanmodo night vision system. The unique features of this night vision system can make it easy for you to illuminate the road in poor visibility days. In that regard, all car owners are expected to have this night vision system installed in their car as it is compatible with various car brands. Blurred vision is always the issue associated with fogs and rain, and you will not have to worry about them when you have Lanmodo night vision.

5. Backup camera is optional

If you do not only want to have a clear vision of the road ahead, but also the road behind, Lanmodo color night vision system can also satisfies your needs with the optional backup camera. With this camera installed on the car back, you will catch 1080P, full-color image. There is a button on the system, just press it, you can switch between front and rear view, really convenient to use. Besides, the camera is IP 67 waterproof, so it also function well in rainy days.

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