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Car Safety Features: Stay Safe on the Road

Apr 2, 2020, 10:40 am / Brian Lageose

The majority of people, especially the elite class, do not find it difficult to purchase a new car. A car is a necessity for them. However, their main concern is to have a safe yet up-to-date vehicle. For this purpose, they may opt to purchase a car that is equipped with all the latest safety gadgets or they may choose to customize their vehicle according to their own preferences. It is very crucial to make your car safe and secure, hence, it should be the utmost priority of every driver as numerous fatal accidents happen every day. Having a safe car can save millions of lives each year.

Go through the list below to see if your car is properly equipped with all the essential safety devices. Features of each safety device are described briefly.

1. Airbags

Airbags are the primary component that significantly helps to reduce the possibilities of striking your upper body and head with the interior of the car. The airbags consist of a cushion and a flexible fabric bag that inflates promptly to provide the occupant with a soft cushioning and restraint during a crash. The airbag also has an inflation module and an impact sensor that delivers signals and information to the airbag, regarding what kind of collision took place, from what angle, and how severe it was. This information helps to identify which airbag should be activated. Side airbags inflate in case of a side collision while the frontal airbags are triggered when the car collides from the front.

2. Seat-belts

Just like airbags, seatbelt plays a crucial role in saving the driver as well as passengers from terrible injuries during an accident. By wearing a seatbelt, your strongest parts of the body i.e. hips and shoulders are protected. Additionally, the shoulder belt protects your head and upper body from colliding with the interior of the car, while the belt on lap spreads the pressure of crash over a wide area of the body, preventing a specific body part to withstand all the force of the impact. Lastly, the seatbelts prevent the occupant from being thrown out of the vehicle, as an individual inside the car has 4 times lesser chances of losing their life.

3. Rearview mirror

Basically, the rearview mirror is responsible for broadening the perception of the driver by helping the drivers to detect the objects and examine the position of vehicles around you. It is very important to make sure that the rearview mirror is positioned appropriately so that you can get access to a wider angle and easily view the cars at the back and on the sides as well. The importance of rearview mirror can not be ignored as according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration out of the 6 million car accidents that happen on U.S. roads every year, over 40% of them, approximately 2.5 million, are rear-ended collisions.

4. Stability control systems

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems are designed to control understeer and oversteer by interpreting the vehicle's attitude. Such systems are also known for amending engine power and rectifying brake application as required. The system detects the lane the vehicle should be cruising on. Such features ensure to provide drivers with safe driving experience, especially in rainy or snowy conditions when the surface becomes very slippery making it very difficult to drive a car at a stable and steady speed. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims that ESC could reduce approximately 9,000 fatal crashes per year. Furthermore, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, ESC can curtail single-vehicle car crashes by 26 percent, and single-vehicle SUV crashes by 48 percent.

5. Over-speed warning devices

Speeding can lead to an awful life taking accident. While cruising the car at high speed, it does not only get difficult to steer around the curves but the ability of certain safety devices, like seatbelt and airbags, to save the occupant while the impact deteriorates drastically. Therefore, it is very vital to get an over-speed warning device. Such devices keep track of vehicle speed and alert the driver when a predetermined speed imposed by the driver has been surpassed.

6. Anti-lock brakes

In certain circumstances, you may fail to bring the car to a halt even by applying hard brakes. You may no longer have control over your car and the vehicle may skid, resulting in a terrible accident. Anti-lock brakes play an essential role in such situations, saving the lives of many individuals. Anti-lock brakes are very useful in preventing lockups and skidding, especially while traveling on slippery roads. The anti-locking brake system comes with a sensor for each wheel which sends signals to the system facilitating the anti-lock brakes to alter brake pressure according to the condition or requirement of the vehicle. The device makes sure that all the wheels are functioning at a similar speed range.

7. HD night vision system

It gets very troublesome for many drivers to clearly perceive the road ahead at nighttime due to which, at times, they are unable to view cyclists, animals, and other potential hazards. The decreased visibility of drivers can result in dreadful accidents. Well, to overcome this problem get a vehicle that includes a night vision system. But such luxury vehicles are not accessible for everyone. You can consider buying aftermarket automotive devices like the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System which is not only an affordable device with amazing performance but can also be conveniently mounted to nearly 99% of the cars without any hassle. Invest in getting this finest quality of night vision system and make your drive safe and secure. Lanmodo Vast ensures to increase the ability to see by offering the driver with 1080HD, full-color, life-like moving images of the road ahead for up to 300m. So what are you waiting for? Make your car as safe as possible by buying these safety gadgets today!

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