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Car Night Vision: The New Trend of Car Technology

Jul 1, 2021, 5:19 pm / Evelyn Smith

Since the emergence of vehicles across the world, automakers have been continuously devoted to developing new car technologies for their customers. The automotive industry today strives quite hard to make driving a comfortable and joyful experience. From automatic lift gates to car night vision system, the car makers have truly changed the concept of driving in this new era.

1. The Development of Car Technology

If we look from the historical perspective, car technology has significantly evolved over the time period. Here are some prominent technologies that evolved in the past;

  1. The First ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)
  2. In 1886, the first known automobile was invented by the engineer Karl Benz that incorporated ICE technology. Before this invention, automobiles usually ran on steam engines that were not much successful.

  3. Model T
  4. At the beginning of the 20th Century, Ford introduced its Model T, which was considered a huge leap from the technological perspective. It had a petrol engine worth 20 horsepower.

  5. The First Smart Key
  6. In the mid of the 20th century, a leading automaker Chrysler developed car keys with a self-start ignition feature. This new technology soon became very popular among customers.

  7. Automatic Windows
  8. To make cars more customer-friendly, automakers came up with electric windows in 1960. Although this feature was limited to luxury cars at that time but eventually, the concept of the electrical window became quite common over the time period.

  9. Hybrid Automobiles
  10. In 2000, Toyota came up with the technology of the century and introduced Prius in the automotive market. Toyota was the first company to incorporate hybrid motors in their petrol assisted car engines, taking the world of automotive by storm.

  11. AutoPilot Cars
  12. Elon Musk, the owner of the leading automotive industry, Tesla, was the first person to introduce the technology of autopilot mode in his Model S Tesla cars in 2014. These drive-assisted cars can steer and change the lanes for you just by the press of a button.

2. Car Night Vision: The New Trend

In recent decades, car night vision systems have become a talk of the town. People across the world prefer buying those cars that incorporate night vision . So, when actually the concept of night vision system came into the market?

The car night vision was first incorporated in Cadillac Deville in the year 2000. Once this car technology was introduced into the market, many other automotive brands adopted it and began to develop a better version of it. These night-vision systems usually come in two types. Passive or Active. The passive car night vision systems have the ability to identify the thermal radiation present in the environment. They are basically capable to detect animals, humans and other things present on the road. On the other hand, an active car night vision system utilizes a source of infrared light to ensure that the road ahead is free from danger. But in the past, both these night vision systems were capable of producing only black and white images.

Considering the automotive trends, Lanmodo has launched an aftermarket night vision camera for car, which redefines the concept of car night vision. Gone were the days when automakers used to incorporate black and white night vision systems in their cars. With Lanmodo car night vision camera you can experience a smooth and colorful journey.

The Lanmodo car night vision camera offers you an 8'' IPS display that shows crisp and clear images of the roads. The displayed images are in 1080p high resolution and vivid color, able to help you enjoy a smooth journey. Apart from all these benefits, Lanmodo car night vision camera is capable to detect objects from 984 ft distance. Cool right? Now you don't have to worry about not seeing clearly while driving at night, because Lanmodo will take care of all your worries effectively.

In order to provide maximum comfort to the valuable customers, the Lanmodo car night vision camera can be installed quite easily. You just have to attach the night vision system on the mat provided with the product and that's it. So whatever the car model you have in your garage, the Lanmodo can fit in it easily. So what are you waiting for? Grab the Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera for your car today, and experience the world outside your car like never before!

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