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Can't See the Road Clearly at Night? You Need a Night Vision Assistant

Jul 1, 2021, 5:34 pm / Richard

When you drive a lot at night, you could experience many challenges that are much different from driving during the day. You might have vision issues that can affect your vision ability, such as depth perception and peripheral vision. These abilities are all impacted when you are driving in a low light environment.

You need not risk your life to an accident that is caused by compromised vision. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistant is a gadget that allows motorists like you to see the road clearly, even if it is low lighted or the weather conditions are poor. You can depend on it to help you detect pedestrians and animals that are beyond the reach of your headlamps. Following are important information about the Lanmodo night vision assistant:

1. High Quality

  1. The Lanmodo night vision assistant is a high quality product of modern technology. One of its components is a Sony DSP chip, which is a specialized microprocessor. It is a photo sensitive chip that helps process the image captured by lens effectively and then transform to clear images.
  2. Its 8” IPS screen gives you a clear view of the road, without distraction or eye strain. This display technology suits you and many drivers, who are looking for color accuracy and consistency. The IPS screen is really great, when considering color performance, especially when viewed from different angles.
  3. The night vision assistant also has a 7-layer full glass lens that provides clearer and brighter images; and it is also very good at protecting itself from scratches.

2. Super Night Vision

  1. With the 1080P high resolution of the Lanmodo night vision assistant, you will be able to visualize the road situation in full color image. Road visibility is enhanced when lighting on the road is poor, thus protecting you from any distressingly bad road accidents.
  2. The device's camera has a 45-degree high definition field of view, giving you a wider range of vision. Additionally, it can capture images from up to 300 meters away (that is 984 feet), so that it's possible for you to see the exact situation on the road, with this expanded vision. This means that you can see farther than your naked eyes or the high beam light, which on average can only reach up to 80 meters.

3. Easy Installation

The Lanmodo night vision assistant can be fitted onto almost all car makes and models and you can even do the installation yourself. It doesn't matter whether you are a DIY person or not, you can set up the night vision assistant in 2 methods:

  1. First, you may choose to use a suction cup. The suction cup is perfectly capable of providing a secure installation, owing to the light weight of the night vision device. You simply run the OBD or the cigarette lighter adapter and you're done.
  2. The second option for installation is the use of a non-slip mat, that you attach to your dashboard. Then place the Lanmodo night vision assistant over the mat. You need not worry that it will slip, because the mat has a rubbery surface and it can keep the display in its place.

The Lanmodo night vision assistant can minimize the fear of family and friends, whenever you drive at night. Most vehicular accidents happen at night mainly because of poor visibility due to lessened lighting and bad weather conditions. The device can enhance the clarity of the road you're traversing. You can avoid the obstacles that you see from far ahead and take preventive measures, to prevent accidents from happening.

Last but not the least information about this product is that, you can purchase it at a very reasonable price: $369 to $459 at the Lanmodo website, Amazon or any of its authorized outlets. Most motorists will surely find its prices more affordable than the built in night vision system devices for high end cars that cost more than $2,000.

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