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A Quick Look at Driver Assist Technology on Ford Vehicles

Jul 1, 2021, 4:40 pm / Lara

According to the US fatal car accident survey, around 40,300 people were killed in tragic car accidents in 2017. Since then, the motor vehicle collision rate has constantly been increasing. This rapid growth has made people even more anxious about the well-being of their loved ones. Therefore, each person now look for a car that has the best Driver Assist Technology.

Many car manufacturing companies have incorporated some of the best safety gadgets in their automobiles. Similarly, Ford Motors, one of USA's top brands, has included some of the best-advanced safety features in their cars, trucks, and SUVs, for example, Ford Fusion, Ford F-150, and Ford Explorer. The company aims to make every driver feel safe, secure and make their ride super smooth and comfortable. 4 such advanced driver assist technologies available in Ford vehicles are -

  1. F-150 Pro Trailer Backup Assist
Backing up a trailer can be very difficult as it involves navigating 2 vehicles at the same time, the truck and the trailer. But pro trailer backup assist is a great tool to help you when pulling a trailer. A knob is already installed in the truck through which the trailer can be moved in the desired direction, while the steering wheel is controlled by the system itself. With the help of a rearview mirror and camera you simply have to rotate the knob left or right and guide the trailer. The system will automatically move the truck in the respective direction.
  1. Ford Cross-Traffic Alerts
Sometimes, while backing out a car from the parking lot we are not able to see the traffic behind the vehicle. A cross-traffic alert system comes handy in such situations. With the help of a radar and the sensors, the system detects the back traffic. And in case, if it detects any vehicle approaching from left or right, a flashlight will automatically start blinking on the side view mirrors. The system will also emit an audible warning and a visual display indicating the direction of the approaching vehicle.
  1. Ford Blind Spot Information System
There are few sides along with the rear end of the vehicle which is usually out of driver's vision, they are called blind spots. Keeping an eye on those areas can be difficult, therefore, the blind spot information system is designed to help us out effectively. In your ford vehicle, there are radar sensors on both sides near the rear end of the vehicle. The system quickly sends the warning by flashing an indicator light on the side-view mirrors if something comes close to the sensors.

  1. Lane-keeping Assist System
A moment of distraction or diverted attention while driving can make you edge out of your lane. But the Lane-keeping Assist can help you stay in your lane with the help of a camera. The system scans the lane marking on both side of the vehicle and sends signals if you start drifting away from the lane. The system has 3 ways of sending the signal. Lane-keeping Aid, it exerts pressure on the steering wheel and starts turning it in the right direction. Whereas, Lane-keeping Alert warns the driver through steering wheel vibration. And, in case, if the system detects repeated lane drifts, then the Driver Alert mode will send out a warning in the message center, advising the driver to pull over and take a break.

Useful driver assist systems Ford needs to incorporate in the future

  1. Night Vision System(NVS)

These above mentioned safety gadgets are quite useful in terms of protecting the vehicle and the driver, but these gadgets lack in terms of guiding the driver at night or in poor weather conditions. We can say that the available driver-assist technology in Ford vehicle is not sufficient enough. One of the most useful safety gadgets is Night Vision System.

Many high-end luxury cars have incorporated an in-built night vision system in their cars but they are quite expensive. Hence, an external night vision system has been introduced in the market, which applies to almost 99% of the vehicles, called the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System. It is the first NVS which provides a full-color wide-angle view of the road. Its 1080P high-resolution camera can cover a distance of up to 300m, giving a clear view of the road in advance. So you don't have to worry about something suddenly coming across your car. With Lanmodo NVS you will have enough time to take the necessary precautionary action.

  1. Forward Collision Warning(FCW)
Forward Collision Warning System is as important as the Rear Cross-traffic Alert System. With the help of the sensors, the system detects the proximity of the objects. If your vehicle comes close to another vehicle or object, it will start sending signals. And if you don't respond in time, the system will hit the brake softly to reduce the effect of the collision.
  1. Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA)
This system helps the driver in maintaining the speed limit on the road. ISA system uses GPS technology which provides data to the driver about different roads and their speed limit. If the driver exceeds the limit the system will alarm the driver through the audio and visual warning.

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