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7 Modern Car Gadgets to Improve Driving Safety

May 21, 2019, 11:10 am / Brian Lageose

Ever since motorized vehicles first appeared on roads, driving safety has been one of most people's primary concerns. Whether you've just passed your driving test or have a few driving years under your belt, you want to drive safe. So, how do you improve driving safety with modern technology? Well, we've got a list of 7 safe driving systems that can help you be safe while driving.

1. Lane Keeping Assist System

Having trouble staying in your lane? Perhaps, you're new to this whole driving thing and you need some help. Maybe, your attention strays just a bit while driving and you need something to nudge you. The Lane Keeping Assist System or the LKAS does just that. It takes advantages of the lanes painted on the road to keep you on track. If you start drifting away from your lane, it either puts a warning on the dashboard or makes a sound or even vibrates your seat or steering wheel. If you take too long to respond, it gently steers the car back into the right lane.

Some versions of this system can even prevent you from going off-road. However, the lanes must be clearly painted and free of debris for the system to work.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Maintaining an appropriate distance between vehicles isn't easy. If you're too close, you may not be able to brake in time. If you're too far away, you may be holding up traffic.

How do you ensure that you are at a safe distance from the vehicles around you? The answer lies in adaptive cruise control. When you activate ACC, it measures the distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Based on this, it adjusts the speed of your vehicle.

What happens, though, if you are already too close to a vehicle? Don't worry. If the ACC detects that the vehicle ahead is slowing down or something else is in the way, it signals the engine to decelerate. Once the road ahead is clear, it'll take you back to the set speed.

3. Night Vision System(NVS)

A combination of radar, infrared cameras and lidars, a night vision system helps you see further and better when visibility is poor. Apprehensive about driving in the dark or through the thick fog? This car gadget is the best friend you can have.

If you're looking for the right NVS, you don't need to go any further than the Lanmodo Vast night vision system. No longer do you need to worry about a deer suddenly coming into the middle of the road, or to stress about not seeing the road signs with this system.

Because regardless of how bad the visibility is, you can rely upon the Lanmodo NVS to let you know what lies ahead. It also has a 36-degree wide-angle vision, which means that you get a broader view of the situation on the road. The 1080p high-resolution front camera allows you to clearly see what's in front of you and helps get a view distance of up to 300m, so you have enough time to take measures. If you're worried about what's approaching from the rear, there is also 720p rear camera to help you.

4. Adaptive Headlights

Driving through hills can be unforgettable experience, and also a nerve-wracking one, especially at night. The twists and turns of the road aren't clearly visible in the dark and can be lethal for you. Regular headlights can't help you because they shine straight ahead, not around the curve of an upcoming turn. You face the same problem when going over the crest of a hill.

This is where adaptive headlights can help you. They redirect the beams of light as per the direction in which your car is moving. This means that when rounding a curve, you won't be taken by surprise either by another motorist or by an animal in the middle of the road. Neither will your headlights temporarily blind another driver. Instead, the area ahead will be lit brightly enough that you can see and avoid obstacles.

5. Drowsiness Detection System

Driving can be a long and monotonous business. If you're tired at the end of a full day, you may start feeling drowsy while behind the wheel. This can be dangerous for you and others around you. Did you know that drowsy driving is estimated to have caused more accidents than drunk driving?

Fortunately, drowsiness detection systems can save your life. These systems come with image processing that analyzes your blinking pattern. If the system detects abnormal patterns in the movement of your eyelids it immediately alerts you by vibrating the steering wheel. Some systems can even steer your car back into the correct lane.

6. Collision Warning System

What if you're driving during peak traffic hours and the car in front of you brakes suddenly? If you're less than the recommended distance away, you won't be able to avoid a collision.

This is where forward collision warning systems come in. They can save your life and your property by warning you if you're too close to another vehicle. Most will give you an audio and visual warning. The newer versions of the system, however, can go further than that. They can apply the brakes, either softly or hard, depending upon the system if you aren't able to respond in time. Your vehicle may still collide with the vehicle ahead if it's too close but the speed of the collision will be greatly reduced.

7. Electronic Stability Control

Not all driving conditions are under your control. Sometimes, you may encounter roads that are iced over in winters or wet because of rain. Such conditions make it easy for your vehicle to lose traction and skid, which means you lose control over the car.

In such conditions, an electronic stability control device can be very useful. When it detects that you are losing control of the steering, it steps in and applies the brakes to help change the direction of the car. Each wheel is braked individually so that it can compensate for the wheel that is skidding. Some systems can even reduce power to the engine until you are in control again.

These are some of the devices that can make driving a safer experience for you. Many newer models of vehicles come equipped with these features, just take advantage of them and enjoy your drive.

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