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7 Incredible Modern Car Technologies That Benefit Your Driving

Jun 30, 2021, 7:46 pm / Richard

Technology has infiltrated almost all spheres of life and most of them have made life easier for the general public. There have been new introductions and additions that have assisted in driving, eliminating the risks of accidents and mishaps considerably. These are basically devices which can be fit into the vehicle additionally and functions in such a way that driving is facilitated. Here is a list of 7 such modern car technology devices that are beneficial for driving.

1. Car night vision systems

There are many high-end cars that come with an internal car night vision system which assists drivers in driving at night and bad weather condition. However, they increase the price of the vehicle and the images displayed are pixelated and of inferior quality. There is an option of installing an external car night vision system as well. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system is one such device which is making a positive mark in this particular niche.

It consists of high-quality 1080p cameras and 8'' IPS screen, which can display images in high-definition and full-color, offering better visual effects. It makes use of the natural light and the display is of superior quality, with proper contrast. Thus, you will get a prior warning if there are any obstructions on the way and you can maneuver accordingly.

2. Blind-spot warning

It is generally not possible to keep an eye out to the sides and rear end of a vehicle while driving at all times as they fall in the blind spot of the driver. A blind spot monitor can be used to do the job effectively. It is basically a sensor that can keep track of the surrounding of the car from the sides and give warnings if something is really close to it. The warnings can be in the form of audio, visuals or even tactile vibrations. Thus, it can act as your eye in the blind spot and is important for driving safety.

3. Parking assist systems

Some people get the jitters when they have to parallel park in a small area and have a lot of difficulty in doing so. It is during this situation that the Parking Assist System proves to be extremely useful. It consists of sensors attached to the outer portion of the car that can detect the presence of other cars or obstructions surrounding it and adjust the power steering in such a way that the car gets parked into the narrow area. All you have to do is regulate the speed of movement of the car and apply the brakes as and when required. Thus, you can wipe the sweat from your brows and relax.

4. Rear cross-traffic alert

Sometimes, after parking, you may have to bring the car out of the parking lot by backing it out. If any vehicle or any other entity suddenly comes across the backing path, it can lead to an accident as your visibility might be compromised during the motion and you are not able to react as quickly as you should, therefore, a warning for the same can be very useful and that is done by using a rear cross-traffic alert system. There are sensors inserted all around the car which can detect anything on the right and left side of the rear end and warnings can again be given similar to the blind spot one, in the form of visual cues like lights, audios or vibrations attached to the dashboard.

5. Automatic high beam

This is a major ongoing problem while driving as using a high beam at all times can cause difficulties for the vehicles coming from the opposite side, hampering their visibility. A high beam is mainly used in the countryside or an open area without any vehicle around but is generally not recommended in a congested area. An automatic high beam system helps in switching from high beam to low beam as and when required, depending on the traffic on the other side and thus, you don't have to worry about causing inconvenience to others.

6. Tire-pressure monitor

If the pressure of the front and rear tires are not maintained optimally, it can lead to unwarranted damages and if this happens during a journey, it can lead to accidents and problems again. A tire-pressure monitor consists of sensors attached to the tires while keeping a live track of the pressures which get displayed on a screen and you can fill the air according to the readings to keep your tires in optimal condition.

7. Forward-collision warning

Just like rear-end collision, a system with a forward-collision warning system could also prove beneficial, especially in situations where you are in cruise control mode and are not paying much attention to the road.

These latest technological devices can go a long way in preventing road accidents and you can get it installed for safe driving throughout.

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