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What You Should Know to Drive Safely in Foggy Weather?

Jun 29, 2021, 7:24 pm / Evelyn Smith

Foggy weather is such a nuisance for drivers that it blocks your vision, so you cannot drive smoothly. It is more irritating when you are with your friends and family on a leisure trip, which can surely spoil your mood and your focus may be lost. But you can overcome it with a few tips. Here is a list of things that you should know for safe driving in foggy weather.

Don't panic, keep attention

Foggy weather often comes with reduced visibility, especially when the fog is dense, the probability of clearly seeing the road is very less. If you are not an experienced driver, then it is sure to cause a lot of trouble to you. In such situations, getting panic wouldn't help you, just relax and keep attention. Be attentive and drive in fog by following the white painted lines on the road. You can also follow any vehicle in front of you. Be sure not to divert your attention by using phone or any other gadgets.

Take advantage of your windshield wipers and defrosters

Don't worry about foggy weather when you have wipers and defrosters in your vehicle. You can use wipers and defroster to keep your glass frost free and clean. The defroster will serve two purposes at the same time; it will help in making the glass clear for better vision and secondly will serve as heater for keeping you warm. Defroster is a smart way to drive in fog, which will not only melt the ice and frost accumulated on the windshield but also keep the supply of fresh air.

Ditch your car's high beams

Low beams are better for driving in fog. The High beam causes trouble for drivers as it makes you blind for some time due to much brightness, while low beam causes less glaring effect and is a relief to the eyes. This will avoid accidents and distractions.

Why not use a safe driving assistant

The vision is not clear in foggy weather. Peripheral vision is active at night but things may not be visible at longer distances. The normal eye vision cannot have wider view of things and roads. Therefore, it's better to use safe driving assistant in foggy weather. It will reduce accidents and provide a better vision of objects. One of the best driving assistant for foggy weather is Lanmodo safe driving assistant. It is better than the vision system present in cars in many ways. Let's have a look at them:

  1. 1080P high resolution

One of the main things you will look for in any driving assistant is clarity. That is what Lanmodo exactly offers: 1080P high resolution provides far clearer image than 480P resolution present in most car vision systems. It also helps to clearly distinguish between the things and objects on the road with full-color images, which no other NVS has. This feature is extremely useful in foggy weather. It will also help you to drive safe when driving at high speed.

  1. Wide-angle vision at front and rear view

The Lanmodo Vast Pro safe driving assistant provide you with wider view of roads even in fog. 45 degree of road is visible on the screen. The feature is helpful in judgement of the vehicles coming and objects on the way beforehand. It will help you to take precautions beforehand. The rear view is much wider than the front one and it covers up to 170 degree.

  1. Long view distance

The driving assistant covers a larger view by covering distance up to 300m, much more than what other devices offer. It will help to detect animals, pedestrians and other objects that are 100 ft away. It will help you to avoid collision and accidents in foggy weather.

Allow more distance between vehicles

In foggy weather the visibility is less and there will be more chances of vehicles colliding with each other. There can be sudden bumps and speed breaker signs on the road which may not be visible due to fog. This might require you to apply sudden breaks, which can lead to some serious accidents. So it's better you keep distance from vehicles in such weather and drive safe.

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