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Autumn Driving: Tips to Stay Safe

Jun 28, 2021, 7:11 pm / Richard

Autumn has it's own unique feel. You can feel the crisp frosty air in the morning, the leaves began to change colour, animals are busy finding food for winters and days began to shrink.

Changing weather conditions always impact driving safety. You may want to go on an early morning drive to get the feel of autumn but never underrate driving during this season. Autumn driving has its own perils and risks and you can only drive safe when you are well aware of the safety tips that can protect you during this weather.

  1. Keep an eye out for wet leaves

Driving on the road that is filled with colourful leaves may look appealing to you but you need to be careful with these leaves!

During fall leaves become wet and slippery. Driving on wet leaves is quite similar to driving on ice. You move a bit faster and you are bound to lose control and in the worse case, you can get smashed. Furthermore, usually during fall leaves covered most of the roads and road signs as well. Making it harder to recognize road markers. The best you can do is move slowly and just feel the autumn breeze.

  1. Be mindful of school buses

Since the mornings are a bit hazy and misty during the fall season it becomes difficult to see clearly. When you are moving on a road that is covered in fog or it's raining heavily outside keep all your senses awake. During morning hours school buses are moving on the road. Double the space between your car and the yellow school buses ahead.

  1. Keep your sunglasses handy

Fall has the power to impact the sun in a different manner. With a change in climate and a swap of the seasons, the sun causes the glint that can affect you while driving. 15-45 minutes before sunset and after sunrise is the high time for sun glare. Pack your best sunglasses whenever you go for a drive. Sunglasses can help you avoid glare during the daytime.

  1. Watch out for deer

With the fall comes the mating season for deer. They become more active during this time of the year. You may come across a deer while driving down the countryside. You are most likely to encounter a deer during dawn and dusk. Be extra vigilant in the areas with maximum deer sighting or regions containing deer signs. Slow down your vehicle and blow the horn continuously to make the deer ran away.

  1. Check your lights

Car headlights always play a crucial role in illuminating the road ahead. During obscure weather be sure to turn on your headlights to make the road visible to you. Keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclist moving on the road during dawn or twilight. Plus, you need to give a comprehensive check to your headlights and indicators as soon as the weather starts to shift. Repair and wipe them clean if felt necessary.

  1. Lookout for fog

Some regions experience wet foggy weather during fall. Overall, autumn lets you feel all types of weather. From frosty mornings to foggy evenings, the climate becomes quite surprising. Fog makes it impossible for you to grasp the road situation.

Using low beams and the perfect Lanmodo Vast Pro can properly enhance your vision. The night vision device, suitable for night driving, foggy day, snow weather and so on, has the potential to capture images using the low light image technique and displays the image on the wide IPS screen perching tightly on your car dashboard fixed with a suction cup. The dominant feature of this device is the level of clarity that it provides. Now your drive will be as swift as ever.

  1. Pay attention to rainfall

Fog is not the only element that comes with the start of fall. Autumn also lets you enjoy rainfall. A road that is wet due to rainfall is tricky to drive. So, you need to be fully attentive while driving on a wet road. Double the distance between the cars in front of you, drive your vehicle at the minimum speed and be a defensive driver. That way you will be able to take quick action in case of an expected crash. Moreover, you can check the weather forecast before heading out on long trips.

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