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Safety Tips for Night Driving at Autumn

Jun 24, 2021, 6:28 pm / Lara

At autumn, the days become short and the nights longer as the Sun moves more towards the horizon. This means that the duration of darkness is increased, and with it comes the difficulties with respect to driving. Vision is definitely compromised and the road and weather conditions can add to the inconveniences. Autumn night driving is undoubtedly risky and you need to have good control and skills to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Here are a few tips to make night driving in autumn better.

  1. Watch out for deer. One of the most common occurrences while driving during the autumn season is accidents with deer on the road. It is that time of the year during which they generally mate. They tend to be more active and cross the roads carelessly. They might jump in front of your car suddenly. You should keep looking out for them at all times.
  2. Look in the right direction. This is a general tip while driving and it becomes all the more applicable while driving at night during the autumn season. Whenever you are driving, you should look properly and in the right way especially when committing to turns. It is normal to have less visibility during this time and it is better to be vigilant.
  3. Clean up your view. Before heading out at night in your car make sure that you clean the mirrors and the windshield in front. This can help you in seeing what lies ahead better. Give it a fast wipe with a dry cloth to remove any dew or dust that might have accumulated and you will be good to go.
  4. Combat fatigue. Driving with fatigue is one of the biggest mistakes that one can make, especially at night. If you have a long journey planned, make sure that you are well-rested. Have more than one person driving with you who can replace you when needed. In case you are alone and feel extremely tired, take a break from driving and catch a quick nap. You will feel much better after that.
  5. Take care of your eyes. The eyes should be very sharp when you are driving at night. It should be able to detect slight movements under less lighting. Therefore, you should take care of your eyes as much as possible. Do not strain it too much or drive for too long without breaks. It is one of the most important safe driving tips.
  6. Tweak your inside lighting. Your visibility at night during autumn can be even more compromised by the light that is present in the interior of the car. It should not be too bright as it might interfere with the contrast inside and cause problems for your eyes. The best way to tweak it and make it better is by using dim lights inside the car which is sufficient for adequate vision.
  7. Angle your headlights correctly. Your headlights play an important role in ensuring that you can see clearly for a long distance without any interference as such. The angle at which the headlights are affixed is a predisposing factor for the light to reach the farthest area from the source. You can even angle it in such a way that the two beams converge and cause extra brightness and visibility during an autumn night.
  8. Use high beams when appropriate. This is a common mistake that most drivers do while driving at night. You tend to use high beams to see farther ahead. What you don't understand is that you are completely blinding the person driving from the opposite side. In fact, accidents at night are more common due to this. In case you are driving through a highway or a forest road, having a high beam still makes sense.
  9. Install night vision device. Last but not least, one of the most important inventions for driving safety at night is by the use of night vision devices. Lanmodo is one company that specializes in it. The Lanmodo Vast Pro has a viewing angle of 45 degrees and a range of 300 meters which can capture anything. The display is also of superior quality. The high-definition output gives a clear picture to the driver of what lies ahead so that they can maneuver or stop, as the situation demands. Thus, it is ideal to use at night during the autumn season.

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