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Fall Driving Problems and Ways to Drive Safe

Jun 28, 2021, 7:16 pm / Evelyn Smith

While most of us perceive the season of autumn to be heart-warming and beautiful, it brings in some hazards too. These hazards are mostly faced by drivers that can cause damage and injury due to inattentiveness while driving on the road.

Fall driving calls for extra preparation and attention to keep yourself safe from the dangers on the road. To help you prepare better and drive safe we have listed some fall problems and their solutions.

The risk of leaves on the road

Falling leaves from the trees are a sight to behold. But remember that they are a great risk too. Fallen leaves from the trees make the roads icy and slippery. Wet leaves reduce the traction on the road too. This poses a big risk for car drivers. You may not be able to see the pavement, potholes, and road markings that may also be hidden under the leaves.

So how to be safe? The best way to safeguard oneself is to drive slow through the leaves and avoid braking hard. Also, be vigilant and take special note of the road to stay within your lane and pay attention to the edges of the road.

Adjust for fewer hours of daylight

Since the days are going to be short and the sunlight is coming in less, most of you will find yourself driving in the dark. Additionally, the sun glare will also make things difficult before sunset and after sunrise.

Thus, it is wise to equip yourself with a good pair of sunglasses for the daytime to keep the glare from distracting you. Another solution to this problem is to keep your windshield clean and avoid east/west streets while driving.

However, one cannot completely avoid traveling. To make things easier for you and to see the road better, let us introduce to you the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system. This night vision camera can help you to see the road clearly even in dark conditions. It uses low light imaging technology to display the images in 1080P high resolution.

The large 8" screen displays consistent colors from all sides to give you the most comfortable view. It also sports a 45-degree wide-angle vision that covers a broader view of the road.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system is like an added pair of vision for your car that can help you to perceive the road situation in advance and take timely decisions. Its vision extends up to 300 m which is far beyond your car's headlights too.

Changing weather conditions

Yet another hazard that you may face during the fall season is the rapidly changing weather conditions. Chilly mornings can be accompanied by fog that will further reduce and impair your vision. Your distance perception may also be affected and this can be a great danger.

Under such weather conditions, keep your fog lights on as they consist of low beams that shine along the edges of the road to help you see well. It is advised to use the fog-lights in addition to the low beam lights of your car as this combination enhances your visibility.

The dangers of deer crossing the roads

The fall season is the mating period for deer and hence, there are high chances of you hitting them on the road during this time. These animals are more likely to be active during sunset and sunrise. This is the time when your visibility is reduced and you are more likely to miss seeing the animal on the road.

Now for the solution, it is always better to be cautious and vigilant. Watch out for the animals where the signs are posted and also maintain a safe distance with other vehicles. During sunset and sunrise the animals are highly active and hence at such times pay extra attention.

Deer are usually seen flocking in small herds. Thus, if you happen to notice one animal, stop and look out for the others to follow.


Driving along the beautiful landscape in the fall season may seem like a wonderful experience. However, being underprepared is the biggest mistake that you may commit. Hence, we compiled a list of the most common problems that you may face along with their solution.

Being vigilant and preparing before setting out on the journey is half the battle won. In addition to the above-stated solutions, you also need to pay special attention to your car. Prepping it up and paying attention to its condition is as important.

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