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The Do's For Safe Night Driving

Jun 24, 2021, 6:14 pm / Richard

There is no possible argument over the idea that hitting the road at night is way riskier than driving in broad daylight. Combine less visibility with any other factor- like bad weather, an exhausted driver, or a damaged road and you may be just a step away from a mishap.

So, to make your night driving safer, take assistance from these safe driving tips.

Clean Windshield And Lights

Even under a bright sun, a grubby windshield can cut down your visibility. At night the situation will deteriorate even more- a smeared windshield will reveal streaks that can cause glares at night and makes it impossible to watch out for the visual cues that keep you on track.

An apparently clean windshield might just have oil residue from your skin when you would have tried to clean off the mist or dirt. An oily windscreen can easily distort your vision while driving at night.

Secondly, your headlights are your second pair of eyes on the road. So look after them. A coat of snow, rainwater, or dust can curtail the intensity and range of your headlights. Therefore, don't forget to clean them up before hitting the road.

Adjust Your Mirrors Correctly

Night driving calls for properly adjusted mirrors in your car, be it the rearview mirror or the side mirrors.

  1. The rearview mirror is an important aid while driving at any time of the day so make sure it is positioned perfectly and gives you the best possible view through the back window. Most new car models are equipped with the anti-dazzle lever in the rearview mirrors. They have been designed specifically to be used while driving at night. The lever helps to reduce the glare of headlights from vehicles behind that reflects straight into the driver's eyes.
  2. The side mirrors are convex glasses, designed to give you a wider field of vision. The recommended position for the side mirror is that you should be able to see a small side of the car, and the horizon should appear in the middle of the mirror.

Watch For Pedestrians

Walkers and joggers are not always in the habit of wearing protective gear and in case of an unfortunate event they are more likely to suffer than the driver or other passengers. So don't rush yourself, especially on poorly lit roads. When on an intersection, glance on both ways to ensure nobody is stepping off the curb before driving your way away.

Dim Your Instrumental Panel And Dash Lights

Most modern cars are equipped with dashboard dimmer switches. Dashboards are home to strong LEDs and large infotainment screens which assists you in finding your ways on the road. These LEDs can distract you from night-time driving and distort your vision.

Dimming dash lights helps to clear your windshield off the reflections. This allows your eyes to better adapt to the darkness ahead.

Pay Attention To The Wildlife

Usually while driving at night you may cross your path with nocturnal animals possibly a raccoon or opossums. But occasionally you may encounter way more dangerous animals, probably a moose or a deer.

In such instances, your car's high beams will only illuminate the animal once you are way beyond your stopping distance and an accident is almost inevitable.

So how can you spot them? Well, it's easy- try catching the reflection of your headlights in the eyes of an animal. This will give you enough time to come to a stop before you bang into the wildlife.

Take Care Of Your Eyes

Of everything we have discussed so far, good eyes are an exigent factor while driving at night. The easiest way to keep your eyes healthy is to keep on moving them and try to take in the entire field of vision around you.

Install Night Vision System

It's always a good idea to have an extra pair of eyes on the road for you. Lanmodo Night Vision System- Lanmodo Vast Pro provides you with that extra visual during your night driving. This device allows the driver to have a clear view of the road even in low visibility due to darkness or poor weather conditions. Lanmodo Night Vision System not only gives you dual 1080 HD display but can also show different angles of the road. Hence, it will warn you of any forthcoming danger enabling you to take quick safety actions.

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