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The Don'ts of Night Driving

Oct 18, 2022, 10:50 am / Evelyn Smith

Night driving may seem to be a fun and thrilling experience for many of you out there. Late-night drive with friends, impromptu night trips may appear alluring but the fact remains that night driving is many times dangerous and dreadful than day driving.

As per several research and studies, night driving has triple the chances of fatal road accidents as compared to the day. Thus, if you are driving at night, you must take the necessary precautions and be vigilant.

In this article, we shall tell you about the don'ts of night driving. By following them you can ensure your safety at night and that of others on the road too.

  1. Don't drive at high speed
There is a drastic reduction in road visibility at night due to the poor lighting conditions. It is difficult to spot hazards and this increases the chances of a crash. It is therefore advisable to keep your speed under control. If you are driving at high speed and spot an obstacle, it may not be possible for you to apply brakes on time, leading to mishaps.
  1. Don't drive with full beam lights

Headlights are crucial in safeguarding you at night. They play a dual role by helping you to see the road and approaching vehicles and they also help other motorists to notice you.

However, driving with full beam lights can do more harm than good. It can hamper the vision of the motorist coming from the opposite direction and he may not be able to spot your car. Consider driving with low beams when vehicles are approaching. You can switch to high beams for better visibility when no vehicles are coming from the opposite direction.

  1. Don't look at oncoming lights

Bright lights approaching from other cars is one of the biggest reason that leads to distraction at night. Though you may be mesmerized by the illumination coming your way, it is a big no-no.

Oncoming lights can disrupt your visibility greatly at night and can leave you blinded even after the vehicle has passed. Thus an important safety tip is to avoid looking at the headlights that approach from the opposite direction and keep your concentration on the road.

You can look towards the right shoulder and turn your gaze away from the light until it has passed away.

  1. Don't drink and drive

Well, this is one of the most profound safety tips that you will hear. Drinking and driving not only puts your life at risk but also of the other motorists on the road.

As a driver, attention, and vigilance are two of the most important characteristics that you should possess. Drunk driving has been the cause of many car accidents and thus, it is a crime in several parts of the world.

  1. Don't make calls

Just like drunk driving using the mobile phone behind the wheels is also a dangerous thing to do. It is of the major causes of distraction that can lead to fatal accidents. Though mobile phones prove useful in many ways while you are traveling, it has drawbacks too.

Talking over the mobile phone while driving shifts your attention from the road and can be the cause of a crash. Studies have also indicated that mobile phones delay the reaction time by as much as 20%.

  1. Don't drive when tired

Being alert behind the wheels is one of the most important requirements of safe driving. Always remember to drive only when you are fresh. If you are going to drive at night make sure you sleep adequately during the day. This will help you to be alert when driving.

If the journey is a long one taking a break at regular intervals is highly recommended. Never drive when you are tired or drowsy as it can reduce your alertness and attention span leading to unfortunate events on the road.


Whether you are driving before dawn or right after dusk, driving in the dark is a challenge in itself. Even the most experienced drivers find it difficult to drive as the visibility is reduced considerably. However, by following driving safety rules, you can reduce the chances of any collision on the road. The above safety tips will go a long way in ensuring that your night journey is a safe one.

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