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7 Night Driving Safety Tips for New Teen Drivers

Jun 24, 2021, 6:29 pm / Abigail Williams

As a teen, it is true that steering a car on the open road gives you an air of freedom and sovereignty but you can't ignore the risk and dangers associated with driving, especially when driving at night.

Driving at night when there is low visibility, dark unpredictable roads and a considerable decline in the human peripheral vision are riskier when compared to the broad daylight. In this post, we would like to provide some important safe night driving tips to the new teen drivers.

Put on your seatbelts

Seat belts are your first step towards safety. There is a 44% chance of surviving a car crash if your lap and seat belt are tightly fastened up. Seatbelts prevent the drivers and passengers from ejecting out the windshield during a crash or a rollover. Buckle yourself up before putting the key into the ignition.

Check your rearview mirrors and gauges

Moving on the dark highway makes you vulnerable to startling road conditions. Your clean and spotless rearview mirrors will make an easier job for you to keep a close eye on the road around you. Make it a habit of checking your mirrors while steering the wheel.

Also, bright dashboard LEDs and instrument panels can cause a distraction to your driving. It's better to diminish the light of your car gauges to avoid getting the effect of glare.

Lock your doors

For teens locking a car is a very petty issue. But locking your vehicle while it is parked outside your high school or a cinema will keep your car safe. Moreover, modern vehicles are now being designed with an anti-lock system, that will lock your car the instant you are within it.

Obey speed limits

When you are on the road never ever think of disobeying the speed limits posted across the road. You may be young and full of energy but you also need to be vigilant at the same time especially after twilight or during late hours of the night. Try to maintain a steady speed to keep you and your friends safe and well protected.

Pay attention to road signs

Being attentive to the various road signs that appear in front of you is the next step towards your safety. Road signs are reflective making it easier for you to interpret them better during the darkness. Focusing on the road signs and road markers will give you a better idea about the road ahead. These signs include traffic lights, keep in your lane signs, parking rules, one way, zebra crossing and other vital signs.

Limit engagement with passengers

Multitasking is the major cause of accidents. Typing or texting on the cell phone or talking to your friends on the backseat will cause you to divert from your driving. At night when the driver is already facing visibility issues, a slight distraction from your path can cause you irreversible damage.

Install night vision car camera

You can practice every rule of the road but how can one cope with vision impairment due to the darkness. But, adding a night vision car camera from Lanmodo right on your dashboard will solve your problem in the blink of an eye.

The high market demand for Lanmodo Vast Pro is its potential for producing a high-resolution image in the darkness. It can also be handy during snow, fog or even rain weather. This device is smart enough to warn you about any pedestrians or road hazards from a distance of 300 meters and with a 45° field of view you can capture a crystal clear view of the road. So, make Lanmodo night vision car camera your night companion and enhance your vision without obscuring your windshield.

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