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Night Driving Safety: What Should You Do?

Jun 28, 2021, 8:21 pm / Richard

No one knows when, where and how you need to drive on the road. But safety is something which we need to take care of always when we are driving our car. The level of safety increases when you are driving at night as you need to drive safe.

Part 1: The importance of night driving safety

Lack of sufficient natural light, fatigue due to hard day, compromised night vision, heavy rush traffic hour as well as impaired drivers all together contribute towards making driving during night not only difficult but also highly dangerous when compared to other section of the day. We cannot deny the fact that the risk of getting into fatal crash is three times higher at night, as per the study made by the National Safety Council research. One needs to be extra alert at time of driving at night because due to too much fatigue tendency of eyes getting closed at driver seat is common and leads to serious fatal accident which and in many cases we need to lose our life. All drivers need to be very alert at time of night driving, just not for own safety but also for the safety of the people who are there with you in car and also your family waiting eagerly for you at home.

Part 2: How to keep your night driving safe?

Here comes some tips for night driving safety, which every driver should keep in mind:

1. Never ever get afraid of driving at night and be aware of the night driving dangers

This will keep you alert from the possible risk. Check the traffic report of the route you are going to take. Go for a medium traffic route as this will keep you free from too much traffic and will also not bring you at risk which you may face if you select a lonely route.

2. Properly use your headlights and high beams

When you are following another vehicle at night, keep the low-beams on in order to avoid making the driver blind moving ahead of your car. If the car is in trouble during night, pull off from road as much as possible and turn on the hazard lights. You must use the high-beam lights at time of driving in any rural areas and even on highways which is away from areas of urban and metropolitan zone.

3. Pay attention to street signs and road markers

Well this point is common for both day and night driving. It is mandatory for you to check the street signs to stay away what there is next in the route you are moving to and how you need to make the movement with your car to stay safe. In case there is some work going on road, markers will be there, observe them before you go ahead cause accident.

4. Your driving visibility should be sufficient

Driving at night during fog, rain or hail fall can highly reduce the visibility for you as well as the visibility of the vehicle for the rest of people who are on the road. You can make improvement in your visibility with use of vehicle headlights (dipped beams) at time of driving at night or even under poor condition of weather. Besides, make sure your windshield and window glasses are clean to see clearly all of the time on the road.

5. Install automotive night vision system for your car

An automotive night vision system is a device that basically extends the perception of the driver beyond the limited reach of headlights and can alert them to the presence of potential hazards before they become visible, these systems can help prevent accidents and it is a good way to effectively improve safe driving at night.

So far, there is limited number of manufacturers of automotive night vision system in the market and only the luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes own such device. But this product is very expensive and above your imagination. However, no way it means you can't install this system in your car. You can go for Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system.

The automotive night vision system provided by Lanmodo is a worthy buying choice to make. It is like an extra add-on system which is easy for you to install, there are two ways to set up it:

  1. With non-slip mat: First, fix the night vision system onto the non-slip mat, and then attach the mat to the automotive dashboard. Second, connect night vision system to cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with its cable.
  2. With a suction cup: First, hook the night vision system to the suction cup, and then attach the suction to windshield. Second, connect night vision system to cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with its cable.

So what are the features of this driving assistant system?

  1. The night road conditions that are difficult to see clearly with the naked eye will be truly and clearly presented on its big screen. The image you see is full color and 1080P HD.
  2. The Lanmodo NVS is of 45° wide-angle vision, presenting a broader view of the road and its night vision distance extends up to 300m, so drivers can know the road situation in advance to take measures and avoid accidents.
  3. You can not only use it for night driving, can also use in unfriendly road conditions like rainy and foggy weather days.

Follow the above drive safety tips and buy the Lanmodo automotive night vision system for a happy and safe drive on road.

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