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7 Safe Driving Tips for Driving in Rainy Weather

Jun 29, 2021, 6:49 pm / Richard

Not all realize how dangerous driving in rain can be. Whether it's a sprinkle, shower or heavy downpour, it can impose some serious challenges to the driver. Rain causes less traction, poor visibility, and also reduces the effectiveness of headlights, making it very difficult for the driver to drive safely. This is the reason why most of the worst accidents occur in rainy weather.

Although you should not be scared of driving in rain, you should consider and respect the risks associated with it. Here are 7 safe driving tips to be followed in rainy weather.

1. Slow down

Generally, there is less traffic on the road while it is raining and some people find it very tempting to drive fast when the roads are empty. But speeding is one of the most common causes of road accidents. Rain makes the roads slippery and reduces the visibility, so driving fast under such conditions is a pretty big risk. Driving fast and being careless would lead to nothing but a danger to you or your family's life.

2. Use your windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are a small part of your vehicle but they come of great use during rainy weather. They wipe off the water on your windshield to improve your vision of the road. Visibility is the basic element of safe driving. You should constantly use these on your windshield when you drive in the rain. Otherwise, the water on your windshield will make you unable to see anything on the road, which can be dangerous.

3. Keep a distance from other vehicles

Driving too close to a vehicle can lead to serious accidents as you won't get the time to react to sudden brakes and turns of the other car. The fact that you are too close to a vehicle can make the driver of that vehicle nervous, and he may react in unexpected ways. Moreover, as visibility is reduced during heavy rain, being too close can also be dangerous in the way that it will be difficult for you to estimate distance and speed between your car and the other vehicle.

4. Use Lanmodo night vision system

Since most issues of driving in rain especially, when it gets dark are associated with reduced visibility, a night vision device such as Lanmodo Vast Pro 1080P Automotive Night Vision System would prove very helpful. This system can be a life saver for driving in rain and bad weather conditions when visibility is low. Its 8 inches HD screen with 1080p full colour image provides you with clear view of the road which is difficult to see with your naked eye.

During heavy rainfall, it is not possible to see long distance due to reduced visibility. But the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System has 45° wide angle vision which expands up to 300m, helping you to see far away so that you can know the road condition in advance and take preventive measures accordingly.

5. Avoid sharp turn and brakes

Since rain makes roads slippery, sharp turns or brakes can make the vehicles slip or slide, making it extremely risky for you. And if the vehicle skids, it tends to get out of your control so there is very less you will be able to do. Thus, along with driving slowly, avoiding sharp brakes and turns is also very important while driving in rain.

6. Turn the headlights on

It is very important to turn headlights on while you drive in the rain. It not only helps you see other vehicles and obstacles on road, but also it helps other drivers to spot you and then drive accordingly. It is technically impossible to drive safely without turning on the headlights in low visibility. Also, you should make sure that your headlights are not blazing right in the other lane's drivers' eyes or it will distract them and make it difficult for them drive.

7. Stay focused

Attention is a very important aspect required during driving. You should be focused on your speed and the road condition. Try to avoid doing other things which may divide your attention such as thinking about other things, using mobile phones or talking too much. We all are aware of the accidents caused due to divided attention of the drivers. Divided attention may distract you from pedestrians nearby, obstacles on the roads and other vehicles near you, which might result in something you would not want.

While you drive in the rain, you should be more careful, especially if you have other people also with you on the car. By being a little more careful and taking the right precautions, driving in rain can be joyful too. Follow the above safe driving tips to prevent accidents and hurting other people on the road.

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