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7 Rules to Follow If You Have to Drive in the Snow

Jun 29, 2021, 7:17 pm / Abigail Williams

Driving on frigid winter weather can be exigent for most drivers. Even those who consider themselves experts find it grueling to navigate through. This is because the road at that point becomes slippery and slushy. Snow reduces the traction amount of your tires and makes the vehicle hard to control.

As a motorist who is serious about the life, you need to adhere to rules, and you'll benefit a lot.

1. Be seen and see

This is the first step that anyone can achieve. Ensure that all snows that are visible on the roof, windscreen or any part of your car is removed. This will help another motorist because the snow will not fall off when driving and you can see others clearly.

You should check main components that are highly affected by snow. We have headlights, wipers, windscreen, and oil that need attention before setting off. Apart from those we also have screen wash. A lot of motorists don't check on screen wash but, it plays a big role during the snow period. Screen wash helps in cleaning your windscreen. To be safe, ensure that it's not frozen to a point of not working.When you're driving, make sure headlights are on and can be seen by other drivers.

2. Keep informed

Weather condition varies from place to place that is why it's important to be informed early. Knowing how the condition is ahead will help you decide to set off or stay at home. Sometimes you might find out that where you're at condition is worse while the other end is safe. Check twitter updates, local weather channel radio or local station to be informed.

3. Equip winter tyres

As a motorist you should equip yourself with two tyres: summer tyres and winter tyres. Winter tyres are known to optimally perform better during rain, snow, and cold. They have a softer compound that ensures maximum grip is achieved. Another feature they have is tiny grooves that bite into snow. Apart from that, they are equipped with extra deep tread that disperses more water.

4. Know the safety system of your vehicle

As a driver, you need to equip yourself with some basic safety knowledge of your vehicle. For instance, your vehicle might have ESp on board. This will provide you with two active safety systems: antilock braking system (ABS) and traction control system (TCS). ABS will prevent your wheel from locking when in the process of breaking. TCS, on the other hand, avert wheels from spinning when accelerating and starting off your vehicle. ABS and TCS intercede your car's longitudinal dynamics. ESp, in general, ameliorate the lateral dynamics.

5. Use a night vision system

Night vision system enables motorist experience a smooth and safe journey. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system was designed after thorough research. Some of the challenges that motorist experience with poor visibility in the snow or at night.

It comes with a superior quality camera that will give you a real-time view of what lies ahead of you in a 1080p high definition screen.It is instrumental to have this system along with you while driving mainly to avoid any mishap from taking place. Since it has a 45-degree wide view with a viewing distance of around 300 meters, it has been able to avoid many accidents as well by displaying any obstacle or block that may be on the road. Thus, the utility of Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System is simply unparalleled making it the number one night vision system available in the market at a reasonable rate.

6. Reduce your speed

One fact about rain and snow is that it mixes with oil particles on road and makes the road slippery. It's therefore paramount to reduce speed for your own safety. At high speed controlling the vehicle becomes a menace. For you to be safe you should allow yourself more time to reach wherever you're going.

7. What to do when you get stuck in the snow

Getting stuck in the middle of a pile of snow is a regular incident. Few motorists they have acquired skills and tricks to get away from the predicament. But, if you want to abandon your car and continue with your journey.

It's advisable to perfume some small light work before leaving your car when it gets stuck on snow:

  1. Clear the path around your car tires using a shovel.
  2. Free your vehicle from snow.
  3. You're advised not to floor the gas pedal
  4. Improve traction using sandbags, kitty litter or even salt.
  5. Look for assistance.

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