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7 Practical Tips For Safe Driving at Night

Jun 29, 2021, 6:27 pm / Richard

Driving at night is dreadful and dangerous. According to statistics, road fatalities triple during the night. However, driving at night is not something that you can avoid especially if you have a graveyard shift in the office or whenever you have a party to attend to with your family. If you want to avoid accidents at all cost, you can keep yourself and your family safe on the road by following these 7 night time driving tips after the sun setting down in your city.

1. Lower your speed

This is the most important thing to remember whether you're driving during the day or at night, but you'll need to remember this most especially when the road is already dark. It can be really tempting to drive fast especially when you're on the highway and you're the only car on the road. However, you never know what might happen when you're driving too fast. When there is little or no light at all, you have to be extra careful since the visibility is reduced, which means there's a high chance for accidents that could hurt you and others.

2. Concentrate your attention

One of the tips for driving at night is to concentrate on your driving as much as possible. Avoid doing things that can divide your focus while you are on the driver's seat. It's a bad habit to text or uses your phone while driving especially in dark conditions. When you're not a hundred percent focused on driving, you might not notice cars that are about to hit your vehicle or even pedestrians that are about to cross the road. So keep this tip in mind when you're driving at night to avoid accidents.

3. Be aware of driver fatigue

Another factor that can put you at risk when you're on the road is driver fatigue. This is a situation that most drivers go through especially right after working hard in the office the whole day or having kept driving for hours. Your body's natural circadian rhythm causes you to feel drowsy during 1-5 am. This is why you should get enough rest and better pull over when feeling tired.

4. Use an automotive night vision system

Your driving visibility will definitely decrease a lot at night, at this time a night vision gadget will help you see the road situation clearly. Another thing that you can do to keep safe on the road even without the daylight is to use a piece of equipment that would help you drive safer.

One of the best examples of such equipment is the Lanmodo Vast Pro 1080P Automotive Night Vision System. This is one of the newest and advanced systems that you should consider because of its features. This product has a 1080P high-resolution screen that makes it easier for drivers to drive even in low-light situations.

The wide-angle vision of the camera is also a great thing because you would be able to see the whole road clearly. But the thing that would really impress drivers is the full-color night vision. This feature works like magic since you would be able to see a dark road like it's well-lit through the camera. These are just some of the best features that would come in handy with Lanmodo Night Driving System when you're driving at night.

5. Use the car headlights rightly

It's also important to know how to use your car headlights properly at night. Make sure that your headlights are not glaring the other drivers in the opposite lane to avoid them from getting distracted. Accidents can also happen when drivers are distracted by the lights of other vehicles.

6. Don't stare at oncoming Lights

Sometimes, there are still other drivers who do not know how to use their headlights properly. As a result, you may encounter vehicles that have extremely glaring headlights. To protect your eyes from these lights and therefore cannot check the road situation, avoid staring at it and focus your eyes on the road so that you won't get blinded by the light of oncoming cars.

7. Dim your dashboard lights to avoid distraction

Your dashboard lights can also be a cause of distraction. These dashboard lights can get too bright when you're driving at night so if you can, dim your lights. Doing so would allow you to focus on the road as well and keep your mind on the things that you are seeing.

Driving at night requires more care especially when you have other people with you on the car. However, you shouldn't be scared of driving at night because it's a must especially when there are emergency situations. Following these tips can help you prevent accidents or from getting other people hurt while you are on the road.

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