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Wildlife Crossing: Tips to Avoid Colliding with Animals

Jun 29, 2021, 3:33 pm / Brian Lageose

Encountering an animal out of nowhere on the road can be dangerous as they have also become the reason behind the occurrence of unpredictable roadside accidents. Animal-vehicle collisions are not only costly but can be frustrating too. No one wants to hurt animals intentionally, neither do anyone would prefer leaving for work after hitting a puppy. All one need to opt is to search for options which can help in the reduction of an animal-vehicle collision. This can include the utilization of a night vision assistant for clearer visions. Here are some cool tips and tricks to avoid colliding with animals at night or day.

1. Watch for Animal Crossing Signs

If you find an animal crossing your path, slow down as there is a greater probability that more of them are on their way as many of such species travel in herds. The driver must be highly observant to spot every major to minor animal crossing sign placed as a warning, in order to reduce the probability of hitting an innocent animal or ending up hurting his fellow passengers or even himself.

2. Be Mindful of Peak Times

Be more attentive and careful when you are driving in rush hours or during peak time. Most numbers of incidents have been reported during these peak times, normally at the time of sunset or at dawn. Watch out and maintain the given speed limit in order to control your car as well as to prevent the occurrence of any unpleasant animal-vehicle collision.

3. Adopt Car Night Vision Camera

It has become the need of drivers to opt for a car night vision camera. Luckily, Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is the newly launched night vision assistant for facilitating the driver by presenting broader and clearer road views. Generally, animal-vehicle collisions are reported in low-light environments. Lanmodo is based on 8” IPS display screen which gives better visual effects. With the option of vast vision, it also allows the driver to judge the upcoming road scenario and adjust the vehicle's current state accordingly. Its 1080P high resolution works as a cherry on top for the driver to spot an animal at night even, thus providing a safer driving experience with a broader view of paths. What's better, the installation of this highly effective yet affordable car night vision system can surely help you to avoid getting trapped in any of such undesirable condition.

4. Make Use of the Collision Detection System

It's always better to go for prevention rather than cure. Same goes for effective driving too. Recalling the responsibilities of a driver to drive while maintaining your personal safety along with the safety of the surroundings. So, install your vehicle with collision detecting system would be a great option. These detection systems will help in levelling up your current speed limit, while informing you to maintain appropriate distance from other vehicles, in order to prevent the happening of an uncertain accident.

5. Use Car Headlights Correctly

If there are no oncoming cars, use your high beam to see further and clearer. High beam lights or even flashlights can help enhance your visibility and identify any animals coming your way. Animal's eyes shine to reflect back the light at night if a light ray directly reflects on them. So watch out for any shiny thing, hit the brake and slow down to let it pass safely.

6. Use Your Horn

There can be times when you will encounter an animal or a group of animals standing in the middle of a road. First of all, do not panic or try to rush for getting out of the situation, utilise car's horn to alert and scare them for leaving the area before you drive again. Honking multiple times on animals will not only get them off your path, but also help the upcoming drivers to be more focused.

7. Maintain Speed and Be Vigilant

The traffic laws has been continuously working on educating the drivers along with the pedestrians. To maintain a certain level of speed and even making the process easier for them, several speed limit signs have also been placed. Avoid utilisation of cellphone or get indulge in any extra activity when you are en-route to somewhere, especially while sitting on driver's seat.

Following these tips will help you not get involved in tragic and unpleasant accident. Risking a human or an animal life is not desirable by anyone. So, following these do's and don'ts can help you save a life while driving.

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