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What You Should Pack for a Summer Road Trip?

Jun 28, 2021, 7:27 pm / Brian Lageose

Road trips become more appealing with the start of the warm and blazing summer. To plan a holiday road trip with the beginning of the summer season is an exciting adventure in itself. Summer brings with it an excitement to travel and what can be the best way to wander other than a long road expedition. To make your road trip smooth and hassle-free, planning every aspect of it is rather necessary.

Part 1 BASIC

You may require these basic provisions while planning a road trip during summer vacations:

  1. Tent.

At some spots, you may felt an urge to camp during the night and sleep under the beautiful sky filled with bright stars. Keeping that in mind, pack a tent with you.

  1. Camping mat.

Camping mats are highly recommended for camping. You can either sleep on it or use it as a hammock during your trip.

  1. Pillow.

A sleeping pillow is a must when you are on a long journey. Keep your most comfortable pillow with you and you can have a well-rested sleep even at the backseat of your car.

  1. Sleeping bag.

As you are venturing on a long road trip you will need a nice rest to stay fresh. Load a sleeping bag to be used at times of need.

  1. Backpack.

Prepare a backpack with all your essential elements in it. With a backpack, you will be able to hold all your things properly.

  1. Flashlight.

Flashlights can be handy in order to tackle darkness or in case of emergencies. Keep flashlights as well as extra batteries.

  1. Rope.

A rope is quite useful when you come across the need to tow away your car due to some major lapse.

  1. Blanket.

Pack a blanket or a covering sheet to help you sleep comfortably at night.

  1. Journal, notebooks and pens.

Place notebooks and pens in your backpack and try to record your new adventures using them.

  1. Maps.

Paper maps may be an outdated idea but you may never know when your mobile battery dies or your data package expires.


The further you drive ahead, the more you are exposed to startling road situations. Gather the below-listed documents while packing for your trip:

  1. ID/Passport.

Holding your ID with you at all times is mandatory but since you are on the road keep your ID safe with you.

  1. Credit cards and money.

Fill your wallet with extra cash and credit cards to be used for buying any required stuff during the long hours of the tour.

  1. Driver's license.

A driver's license states that you are an expert driver and knows about the rules of driving. So carry it with you all the time.

  1. Car documents (extra copies).

Car documents are proof that you are driving a legitimate car that belongs to you.

  1. Travel insurance documents.

If your car is insured then carry your car insurance documents with you in case of an emergency.

  1. A copy of your bank TAN number.

Retain a copy of your bank TAN number in case you need to make any transaction.


Your vehicle will be your sole means of conveyance and you will need it to work properly without any setbacks. Do have the given items in your car trunk:

  1. Oil for the car.

Who knows when your tank ran out of petrol. You may face this problem on a deserted highway but there will be no worries when you remembered to store an extra can of oil before setting off.

  1. Spare tire.

A punctured car or a flat tire will definitely slow you down during your long trip. To avoid getting stuck with an inflated tire keep a spare tire in your vehicle along with a jack.


The twisted roads may arouse your curiosity but don't get overwhelmed and ignore your safety while on these roads. To improve your driving safety be certain that you have equipped your vehicle with the listed items:

  1. GPS.

A car GPS tracker is a very befitting technique. It allows you to monitor your travel and gives you an alternate safe route towards any destination. The GPS system helps you in relocating yourself in case you lost your way.

  1. Night vision system.

Including a night vision camera in your car gives you an extra pair of eyes when the night falls. Lanmodo Vast Pro provides high-quality night vision camera for cars. The camera operates on low light image technique giving you a colourful and high-resolution image from a distance far ahead.

  1. Roadside emergency kit.

Road emergency is inevitable and you must have an emergency roadside kit to tackle any unfortunate situation without hesitating. Prepare an emergency kit having a reflective triangle, a toolbox and a first aid kit.

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