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What You Should Know to Drive Safely in Bad Weather?

Mar 18, 2020, 9:05 am / Richard

Bad weather such as heavy rains, snow and fog can create dangerous driving conditions on the road. If driving safely is not an easy thing during fine weather, the more difficult it is when the weather is severe. During these times, the visibility on the road is reduced and it becomes more difficult for the driver to see what is ahead or where he is going.

Vehicle accidents usually happen on the road during bad weather conditions and at night. Take these precautions to help you get to your destination, free from injury and no accidents at the end of your trip.

1. Driving during rainy days

  1. Turn on your headlights
  2. During rainy conditions, the driver's visibility is compromised. Headlights can help you see the road and also help other drivers see you better. It is required in all state laws that headlights be used in environments with low visibility.

  3. Drive in the middle lane
  4. First and foremost, reduce your speed, so it will be easier for you to stop or adjust in wet conditions. Then make sure that you are staying in the middle lane, as water will surely pool on the outside lane and you might get caught up in it.

2. Driving during foggy weather

  1. Avoid using high beam in fog
  2. Fog is made up of small droplets of water that reflect light and may cause glare if you turn in high beam, that will make it hard for you to see. Don't forget to turn on your low beam, so that other drivers will be able to see you.

  3. Use the side line to help
  4. In thick fog, ensure that you remain in the proper lane; follow the white lines on the side of the road, this will be your guide. Avoid the markings on the center pavement, because it will make you move closer to oncoming car owners, who are also having trouble with visibility.

3. Driving on snow or icy roads

When driving on snow or ice, always turn your speed down, to account for lower traction. Avoid skids and never hurry. When approaching a stoplight, make sure to slow down for it. In addition to slowing down, you must increase the following distance, from the normal rule of 3-4 seconds to 8-10 seconds. This is about 3 car lengths, between your car and the car that's in front of you and will give you a longer distance when you need to stop, thus avoiding bumping to the next vehicle.

Fortunately we can turn to technology for help, there's an innovative car gadget that able to help in driving safely. What we are talking about is the Lanmodo car night vision camera and it will surely help you drive safe in bad weather.

The Lanmodo car night vision camera uses an ideal sized 8.2” IPS screen that allows you to comfortably see, without negatively affecting your vision of the road. This infrared system offers a 1080P high resolution image in full colour. You can have a clear view of the road, even when there is no sufficient lighting. It allows you to see farther in rainy, foggy or snowy weather and as it predicts the road ahead, you can take advance precautionary measures to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

When you are driving at night or in bad weather, it is very significant that you see things and people that are ahead of you. This night vision system by Lanmodo can show you things, as far away as 300 meters or about 1,000 feet and that will surely aid in prevention of accidents. You can take steps - stop the car or avoid an oncoming vehicle - before something untoward happens.

Another great thing about the Lanmodo car night vision camera is that it's easy to install. You can have it installed on your own and you do not need to go to a motor shop, to have it attached to your vehicle. You simply follow the directions that comes with the product and choose where you want it installed, using a suction cup or a non-slip mat and you're done.

The Lanmodo car night vision camera is designed to keep you safe and out of harm's way, and is a must-have product for drivers.

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