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What's Your Trouble of Night-time Driving?

Aug 26, 2019, 8:09 am / Richard

If you ask any person who drives, they will tell you that driving at night is a much more difficult task then it is under broad daylight. The main and obvious reason for this is the fact that human eyes are more efficient with adequate lighting and not in the dark. The eyes have the power of accommodation though, which contracts the muscles in such a way that maximum light can be absorbed but as a person ages, this ability reduces significantly.

Couple that with reduced hearing and slowed down motor reflex, the risks increase significantly. Thus, it becomes all the more difficult for elderly people to drive. However, it might become a necessity. Proper precautions and steps should be taken to facilitate it. Here are some of the points associated with night driving problems and how they can be combated.

Is it safe for people above the age of 65 to drive at night?

Technically speaking, there is no cut-off age when a person should stop driving. Sometimes, driving is associated with independence as a person gets older as it still makes them capable of getting their work done on their own. It is important that someone above the age of 65 realizes that their driving abilities will not be the same as it was when they were young.

They may drive as much as required only and take some necessary precautions. Getting an annual health check-up, especially the eyes and hearing ability is very important. They should also consult their doctor regularly. A well-rested body is ideal for driving so adequate hours of sleep is necessary as well. Once all of these steps are followed, the safety of old-age driving at night increases significantly.

How headlights can be used for better driving?

The purpose of the headlights in a car is to illuminate whatever lies in front of it so that a person can maneuver the vehicle properly. It also helps in detecting obstructions. Ideally speaking, low beam and dippers should be used for the same purpose. High beam headlights are for country roads or paths which are empty and unlit as well to make the presence of the car felt somewhere. If the high beam is used otherwise, it can affect the car coming from the opposite side. It is important to use headlights in the best possible manner for driving at night.

Are there a lot of incidents of drunk driving and speeding in the evening?

If you look at most incidents of accidents due to drunk driving and speeding, they characteristically occur more during the evenings. It is related to the fact that people engage in drinking during this time and tend to lose their sense of judgment and motor control.

It is a direct threat to the other vehicles and people on the road as well. It is important that you stay aware and drive slowly at the side lanes to avoid directly coming in the path of any such untoward vehicle.

How not to fall asleep while driving?

If you are very tired and sleepy, driving is an absolute contraindication. There are some tips that you may follow. Take a small nap before you go for a drive, especially a long one. If, during a road trip, you feel sleepy, stop at the side and take a power nap.

Travel with a partner so that you can take turns. Don't be intoxicated with alcohol. Drinking caffeine has been found to be somewhat effective. Last but not least, play good music to which you can sing along and stay awake. All these tips will definitely help you to drive safely.

Is an automotive night vision system useful?

There is no denying the fact that any assistance while driving at night is a welcome help. A car night vision device serves that purpose adequately. Lanmodo Vast automotive night vision system is one such device that has gained a lot of popularity recently based on its good utility and feedback. It basically consists of high-quality cameras that can capture images of what lies ahead of a vehicle and display them on a high-definition screen fitted inside the car for viewing.

The specialty of this device is that it can function optimally even in very low light and the image that is displayed is very clear and crisp, with a lot of contrast. The 36-degree viewing angle and the 300-meter night vision distance are added advantages. It is moderately priced as well. Get this device for safe night driving.

How to keep deer away?

If you are driving through a forest and jungle area, animals might spring in front of your car suddenly, which can sometimes lead to accidents. You have to be very careful while driving and keep honking to make the animals aware of your presence. Headlights will also do the job as animals tend to avoid light as they sense danger. Be patient to them if you meet animals on the road.

Night-driving is little more critical than driving during the day but if proper steps are followed and precautions are taken, the safety parameter of it will be adequately addressed.

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