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Ways To Improve Your Night Vision Capability While Driving

Jun 29, 2021, 4:35 pm / Evelyn Smith

Regardless of the hazards that night driving has in store, there are numerous drivers who are unaware of it and also don't know the effective ways to deal with it. Now that we have established the fact that night driving is way more dangerous than driving in broad daylight, it's time to understand the reasons behind it. The primary reason is weakened vision. Every driver depends on their vision to react to the conditions prevalent on the road and vision gets severely limited during the night. Let's take a detailed look at the reasons responsible for weakening the ability to drive at night and also how you can improve night vision.

The Primary Reasons Responsible For Reduced Ability To Drive At Night

Before we proceed towards methods, it is crucial to find out the underlying causes behind it. Why does 90% of the drivers on the road face troubles driving during the night?

  1. Problem in seeing clearly
  2. The lack of bright daylight is the cause behind restricted ability of people to see at night and understand the signs on the round, which otherwise help them to get around during the day. Reduced visibility is the biggest issue when it comes to driving at night. The view of a driver on the road is narrowed down to the illuminated distance by the car headlights. The problem deteriorates when the driver behind the wheel is a senior citizen.

  3. The need for more reaction time
  4. When you spend hours on the road when it is sunny, it will take more than an hour for your eyes to get used to the low light on the road during the night or at dusk. Night driving also reduces the driver's ability to see what is going on, so they need more reaction time. Besides, drivers are easily affected by the brightly lit signs on building and glare of other vehicle's headlights at night, which increases difficulty for driving at night.

  5. Get Tired Easily
  6. Drowsy driving can happen for a variety of reason, including lack of proper sleep, shift work or drinking alcohol. Drivers are more prone to face sleepiness at night because our body is accustomed to getting rest at that time, especially between 2am to 5am.

How To Improve Night Vision?

Although night driving is more risky, there are some effective methods to improve safety.

  1. Use car night vision camera
  2. Car night vision camera is an advanced automotive gadget that can captures clear image even in dark environment, so as to improve driving safety. Among which Lanmodo car night vision camera has proved useful for drivers who travel at night and helps prevent collisions with animals. This incredible product has a front-facing camera made of 7G full glass, therefore it will reflect real situation on the road. The Lanmodo device adopts low-light imaging technology, which means it can form super clear image on its 8" IPS screen with just faint light, including moonlight and street light.

    Lanmodo night vision camera provides 1080p, full-color image, the only and best one in current market, driver will know the road situation with just a glance at the screen. It also has a wide 45° angle vision that can capture the crystal clear, broad view of the road, night driving is a lot more easier. The best thing about Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is applicable to almost all vehicles, so if you have more than one car, one Lanmodo camera is enough to keep safe driving.

  3. Clean windshields and mirrors
  4. Take up the task of keeping your mirrors and windshields clean. This will help you see the road ahead and what is going on behind your vehicle clearly.

  5. Avoid wearing yellow tinted glasses
  6. They worsen the vision of a driver because it cuts out chunks of light. Do avoid them at when you drive at night.

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