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Useful Safe Driving Tips for People with Night Blindness

Jun 24, 2019, 3:19 pm / Richard

If you or someone you know is suffering from night blindness (nyctalopia), it is highly likely that you are finding it difficult to see clearly and drive at night or in poorly-lit environment.

How night blindness affects driving

Driving at night can really be challenging to people with night blindness. Even familiar landmarks cannot be seen and road signs are not very clear enough to read. Such drivers are prone to accidents when they are in situations that need attention, reaction time and the ability to take quick measures.

Of course, you can avoid driving at night to prevent accidents, but there are times that you need to go out, especially to attend to an urgent need.

Tips for safe night driving

1. Keep your windshield clean

Make sure that your car is prepared for night driving. A windshield that is dirty, fogged and covered with marks will make it difficult for you to see, thus reducing visibility.So clean your car’s windshield, windows, mirrors, taillights, signal lights and headlights (including coverings and lenses).

2. Use car devices correctly

Before you go driving at night, position your headlights properly, making sure that they are aimed and aligned. Headlights that are not aimed properly may blind other drivers and lessen their ability to have a clear view of the road. Fix or install fog lamps and make sure that they are ready to use. High beams or the light that is switched to the highest level should not be used during fog. The inside lights and the dashboard light should be turned down to the minimum if necessary.

3. Make good use of the Night Vision System

Although NVS devices have been around for some time now, the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System is an innovative product with features that are greater than those you find in some particular car models, including the following:

  1. 1080P full HD resolution, full-color image
  2. 36° wide angle vision, presenting you with more than the average width of the road
  3. Long night view distance of about 300m, so you get the road situation in advance
  4. Be appropriate to use in almost all car models, easy installation

You can drive safely at night in the dark using the Lanmodo Vast, which is more helpful for people with night blindness, who can have a clear vision of the road ahead and don’t have to be afraid of night driving anymore.

4. Control your vehicle and speed

If you suffer from night blindness and you are driving at night, maintaining a slower speed is wise and advisable. The reason for this is because your reaction time is slower when the environment is dark. When driving at safe speed, you are able to brake or stop within the distance that you can see clearly. You can also maneuver the car safely, when you see a hazard, without putting yourself and those around you in danger.

5. Maintain good driving habits

With night blindness or without, a safe driving habit can protect you from being injured. Some of these habits include staying on the slow lane and not being too quick to pass. You should also be realistic about your vision and reaction time. Give adequate distance to cars in front of you to ensure safety and maneuverability. Drive cautiously. If there’s an oncoming vehicle with too bright headlights, ease off the gas and do not look at the light of the oncoming car. Maintain your position on the travel lane.

6. Take good care of your eyes

As soon as you experience symptoms of night blindness, it is extremely important to have your eye checked. In fact, even if you do not have the symptoms, you should have a routine eye checkup. This will allow you to detect a brewing vision-threatening eye disease at an early stage and have it treated. Above that, you will be able to see in low-lit surroundings after treatment, keeping you and your loved ones safe when driving at night.

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