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Truck Safe Driving Tips to Prevent Accidents at Night

Jun 30, 2021, 11:26 am / Brian Lageose

The presence of a truck on the road is terrifying to other road users. This is due to the notable dangers the trucks pose to both smaller vehicles and pedestals. A single driving error made by a truck driver can bring serious damage to other road users because of its large size. In a bid to bring a solution to the truck issues on the road, some countries only allow trucks to drive at night in major cities. Below are some tips for safedriving at night truck drivers should know.

1. Say no to driver fatigue

Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is a major obstacle for road users. It is a huge challenge to even most expert drivers. Truck drivers are advised to discourage drowsy driving due to a huge death danger it normally poses both to other trucks and smaller passenger cars. Some of the dangers associated with driving drowsy include:

  1. Slow reaction when you supposed to steer or brake suddenly to avoid accident
  2. Inability of drivers to pay attention to the road caution signs and occurrences
  3. Bad effect to the ability of a driver to make quick driving decisions

2. Don't overload

The problem of truck drivers while on the road usually start from improper loading. The normal weight for a loaded tractor-trailer is said to be about eighty thousand (80,000) pounds. Truck drivers usually experience serious difficulty while on the road when their load is improperly loaded. Most truck-related accidents are caused by improper or overloading of trucks, which usually result in loss of control to truck drivers and ultimately endanger the lives of other road users when an accident occurs.

3. Take advantage of night vision system

An accident can be averted in night driving when drivers take advantage of the night vision system in their cars. It is a system using a thermographic camera to enhance seeing distance and perception of a driver in poor weather or darkness, helping them see more clearly than using headlights, therefore decreasing car accidents.

The Benefits of automotive night vision system

There are a whole lot of benefits associated with an automotive night vision system that made it ideal for all vehicles, helping to detect an object in the dark. Some benefits include:

  1. Increase in driver's seeing distance, so they can take precaution measures timely
  2. Work perfectly beyond the capacity of vehicle headlight, pick up pedestrians, cars and other creatures on the road to avoid accident
  3. Provide clear image in the dark or poor weather, and drivers will make correct decision
Introduction to night vision system

There are two main categories of night vision systems. The built-in vehicle night vision only installed in luxury cars provide black and white color with low resolution. Another is independent system like Lanmodo night vision system, which is made to fit 99% cars because it can be easily installed by yourself instead of asking for professional help. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system offers a full-color, 1080p image, so you can see clearly while driving in dark environment. In addition to this, Lanmodo night vision system features 8" HD big screen for easy visibility.

4. Mind your truck's space cushion

You should be mindful of truck's large weight and height. Ensure a safe space cushion in all corners of the truck to avoid an accident. The challenge most truck drivers normally have is not minding the large weight and height of their truck. This is the reason why most of them usually drive truck as though they are driving a small passenger car raking havoc to themselves and other road users.

5. Avoid alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs can be linked to the cause of drowsy driving. A truck driver that wants to be safe on the road use must be aware of dangers drunk driving can cause both to himself and other road users. When under the influence of alcohol or drug, it will be difficult to control sleep on the wheel. When this is not controlled, it can result in making rash decisions or inability to take sudden action that can put event under control.

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