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Truck Driving: Health and Safety Rules on the Road

Jun 28, 2021, 8:12 pm / Brian Lageose

Truck driving isn't just a job; it is someone's means of living. This is the reason why all truck drivers should follow the health and safety rules when they are on the road. The following guides will help you to stay healthy on the road and return home safely, after long hours of truck driving.

1. Stay Healthy Rules

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Eat breakfast every day, especially if you are during a long trip. Consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and milk. Drink lots of water. Eat more salad and leafy greens. Snack on healthy foods so you can reduce your meal portions. Fast food is not healthy, so try to avoid it, even if it's convenient.

  3. Sleep comfortably
  4. Getting the right amount of sleep, at least 7 hours per day, can help truck drivers stay safe on the road. Sleep is the key to health and it's a practical way to prevent from being sleepy while driving and figure in a car accident.

  5. Don't forget to exercise
  6. Remember, you don't have to go to a gym to stay in shape. Walking, running and jogging are great exercises that you can do, while you are at a rest stop. When done regularly, these activities will keep your body well-conditioned and fit to drive.

  7. Keep in touch with the family
  8. Spending longer periods of time on the road, away from home, is one of the many challenges faced by truck drivers. It is a tough situation for these men when considering getting in touch with their family. Luckily, current technology enables the to stay contact with their loved ones and promotes positive mental attitude.

2. Safe Driving Rules

  1. Perform car inspection
  2. It is the law that every truck driver should conduct a pre-trip inspection, which include brake, mirrors, engine and tires, because an inspection will make sure the vehicle is in good condition. When you do a pre-trip truck inspection, you should verify that every component will be operating properly and make timely remedies if problems detected. Failing to do so may result in accidents that will later make you feel regretful for your own neglect.

  3. Drive defensively
  4. Remember to drive defensively when you operate your truck to avoid or prevent accidents as a result of actions of other drivers. To drive defensively means keeping your distance, staying alert and maintaining a safe speed. You should be able to identify dangerous situations in advance, so that you can take action to safely maneuver and be on the safe side.

  5. Keep lane changes to a minimum
  6. Crashes due to lane changes make up for a great number of motor vehicle accidents on the road, simply because motorists tend to go rush and often make lane changes. If you want to change a lane, check the road situation first and make a signal regarding your intention. You should also take note of blind spots, before and while changing lanes.

  7. Be extra cautious at night
  8. Truck drivers should exercise extra caution during night driving, especially in tight maneuvering situations. When driving at night and in bad weather, you should be alert and aware; you should move slowly and carefully and this will keep you safe.

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