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Top 7 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Jun 28, 2021, 8:24 pm / Brian Lageose

All truck drivers will agree that getting behind the wheels of a big vehicle is a very different experience. Driving a truck is completely different from driving a commercial car because it's bigger, heavier, and carries extra weight from cargo. As a truck driver, you need to be aware of the safety tips while on the road.

1. Ensure enough space cushion

If you are a truck driver you need to be aware of the extra height and weight of your truck. You have to ensure enough space cushion all around your vehicle to avert collisions and accidents. Checking on the mirror constantly to make sure that your vehicle is not too close to objects on the road, whether moving or stationary. Moreover, a good space cushion will increase your time to deal with sudden or unexpected events.

2. Don't overload

One of the important safe driving tips is to maintain an optimum load on your vehicle. Overloading your truck can threaten road safety and lead to fatal consequences too. An overloaded vehicle will be less stable and will also be difficult for you to steer. It is a fact that vehicles with extra weight behave differently and this can make it difficult for you as a driver to handle it.

3. Use night vision camera at night

Night vision cameras are great safety equipment for all vehicles. Whether it's a small car or a truck, a night vision camera can enhance your vision greatly. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is one such gadget that gives a new dimension to road safety.

The Lanmodo car night vision camera uses light magnification technology to give you a clear picture of the road even under poor lighting conditions. It features an 8” IPS screen that displays images in 1080P high resolution. Thus, you can see the road ahead without any distractions and avert potential accidents. This night vision system will extend your vision up to 300m, allowing you to perceive the objects beyond the headlights. You can even benefit from the system during the day when the weather is rainy or foggy. Last but not the least, this system is easy to install also compatible with 99% of the car models.

4. Follow hour restrictions and speed limits

As a heavy truck driver you are also required to adhere to the hour restrictions that are laid by the authorities. The hour restrictions are meant for your safety on the road and thus, you should follow it religiously.

Speed limits are also very crucial, especially if you are driving a truck. Staying within the speed limit will keep you in full control of your vehicle. This, in turn, will ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road too.

5. Avoid distracted driving

The most dangerous thing for you to do as a truck driver is distracted driving. The most common distraction these days is the cellphone. Attending a call, texting, or any other activity on the phone can lead to serious accidents.

Other distractions like adjusting the music system and eating should be strictly avoided. If you need to do something it is wise to stop rather than distracting yourself while driving. Remember, that one minor error can hamper the safety of you.

6. Reduce speed around curves

As a cautious truck driver you should remember to slow down when approaching curves. Reducing the speed will keep you in full control of the vehicle and save you from a rollover accident.

Be wise and slow down on curves and turns to maintain your safety. Driving 5-10mph below the said speed is a smart thing to do for truck drivers as that speed limit specified is often apt for other vehicles.

7. Beware of blind spots

If you are driving a truck it is of utmost importance to be fully aware of the blind spots around you. Follow the 10-second rule while changing lanes (only if necessary) and keep a check on your mirrors constantly.


By following these truck safety tips, you are not only ensuring your safety but you are also safeguarding the vehicles around you. As a responsible and cautious driver, you should follow the traffic rules and pay attention to your surroundings.If all the drivers on the road adhere to the traffic rules and safety measures there will be a drastic decline in the number of accidents and deaths on the road.

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