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Top 5 Road Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers

Jun 29, 2021, 2:13 pm / Richard

Most teenagers consider the right to driving as a sign of independence. Receiving the driver's license is a great joy that teens love to celebrate. But freedom also comes responsibility. And if you thought what driving has got to do with responsibility, let us explain.

With driving comes the responsibility of ensuring the safety of yourself and that of others too. And for this, you as a teen driver need to be aware of the safety rules and also follow hem religiously. If you are a teen driver, or your children are, then this article will provide you with all the important road safety advice.

1. Be familiar with the car system

Before you actually start driving on the road, take some time to familiarize yourself with the car and its functions. Since this will be your first experience behind the wheels, the foremost thing that you should do is getting acquainted with the car and its system.

You can start by sitting on the driver's seat and experience how it feels to be in that seat. Try and adjust the seat height and make yourself comfortable. Adjust the mirrors to get an appropriate view of the road.

Explore the various controls like the headlight button, fog light, signal light control, wiper control, etc. Knowing these basic control buttons may seem a very small task, but they hold a high importance to maintain safety on the road.

2. Learn the laws and road signs

Don't set off with the car on roads until you know the basic traffic laws and road signs. Road signs convey an important message to the drivers.

Traffic signs make use of pictures and hence, they do not divert your attention and at the same time make you alert.

Traffic laws are made to keep everyone safe while traveling. And thus, adherence to them is the duty of every citizen. Every sign is important, and hence never ignore a road sign, no matter how good your driving skills are.

3. Minimize distractions

As a teen driver you may be very excited each time you get your hands on the steering. Taking your friends on a drive may seem exciting too. But always remember to stay focused and keep distractions away.

One of the leading causes of road accidents is the use of mobile phone while being behind the wheels. However, the list of distractions is a long one and includes talking to other passengers, eating, fidgeting with the music system, etc.

Driving requires your 100% attention. Getting distracted for a few seconds can cause a major mishap. Safety of yourself and that of others on the road is the collective responsibility of all the drivers. And to fulfill this you need to be a focused driver with zero distractions around.

4. Follow speed limit

As a teenager you will be fascinated with speed and may also want to experience it. But wait. Public streets are not a place for you to have thrilling experiences.

Staying within the speed limits is not just a requirement by law, but it also essential for safety on the roads. A city road is different than a highway and hence, the speed limits also vary.

To keep yourself and others safe, it is important that you stay within the speed limits. It is a very difficult task to control a speeding car. And hence, maintaining a safe speed is a better option.

5. Try defensive driving

Not everyone drives well. And hence, you need to become a defensive driver to avoid crashes and lower the risk. As a defensive driver you should pay attention to your surroundings and the cars around.

There are many aggressive drivers who may be speeding up, or following up too closely. Some drivers may even take a turn without any indication. In such situations your defensive driving skills will come to the rescue. Staying alert is an important defensive driving skill that will help you to promptly react in case of an emergency.

With proper practice and patience you can master driving skills easily. Driving is fun and you can make it safe by following the traffic rules. Practice makes a man perfect, and with practice you can master the skill of safe driving. Hope our road safety advice will help you to become a safe driver. So buckle up and enjoy your driving!

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