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Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Night Driving Vision

Jun 30, 2021, 4:24 pm / Richard

Most of the time you find yourself leaving the office late and have to drive at night to head home. Since there is limited vision at night, you need to be extra careful when driving on the road. This is because road fatalities happen mostly during the night. Human eyes reduce the ability to see and differentiate color in the night and that explains why vision is usually restricted. To prevent dreadful occurrences, you should take precaution to ensure proper driving safety. Here are safety tips to improve night vision.

1. Keep the windscreen clean

Having a windscreen that is clean not only makes the car look good but also improves the vision whether during the day or night time. You should do this more often especially when planning on driving at night. This is due to the fact that at day time, the dirt on your windshield may not be noticeable until it gets dark. You will be affected by glare at night which causes distraction and interference while you drive. This may cause fatigue to the eye hence affecting your vision. Therefore, for you to improve your vision at night, you should clean your car's windscreen inside and outside. While cleaning your car, park your car away from direct sunlight to prevent evaporation whereby the cleaner leaves deposit and stains. Ensure you clean the windscreen thoroughly and use microfiber cloths to get perfect results.

2. Correctly use the headlights

If you want to stay on the right side of the law, you should always observe and use headlights correctly. Besides breaking the law, wrong use of headlights can be very dangerous for you as well as other road users. Therefore, you should make sure you observe the headlights to the latter. There are hazard lights, sidelights, fog lights, brake lights dipped headlights and full beam headlights. All these lights provide different functionality and therefore, you should pay attention to each one and when to use them.

If you have faulty brake lights you need to fix them with immediate effect. They enable the people driving behind you know whenever you are slowing down. Fog lights are suitable for when driving in fog. Dipped headlights are the most suitable for driving at night as they increase visibility at night while reducing glare to fellow drivers. Sidelights only illuminate your car and especially the number plate for others to see you. Full beams headlights are the brightest to provide greater visibility in the dark. These are not to be used anytime since they are extremely bright and can dazzle other road users. You should use them on empty roads and reduce the brightness when another car approaches.

3. Adjust the rearview mirrors

This is yet another important factor to improve your vision at night. Sometimes the headlights might seem to be glaring in your eyes when driving at night. This can be annoying, distracting and also dangerous. If you have manual rear view mirrors you can just overturn the tab found at the bottom of the mirror. By doing this, the lights behind you dim since the reflective material has been moved. This aids in seeing what's behind you clearly. For the power mirror, you only have to activate the nighttime mode.

4. Install night vision system

You can observe the above options for driving safety but still have a problem seeing the road clearly at night. That means you will have to go the extra mile to ensure complete safety while you drive during the night. You can achieve this by installing a safe driving assistant that will help a long way as you drive. The most logical one is a night vision system, this is a system that is meant to help you see the road in the darkness. The market is overwhelmed with a lot of these systems but the most reliable one is the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system.

Apart from being affordable, the Lanmodo Vast Pro safe driving assistant system is widely known for great performance. You can easily set it up on the dashboard or on the windscreen. It displays crisp images on a 45° HD wide-angle which enables wider and broader viewing in dark roads. The best part is that the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system is applicable in almost all car models including trucks. By showing drivers the 1080P full-color images on the screen, you can see the road situation clearly, thus have enough time to respond to the possible accident .

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