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Top 10 Driving Tips to Become a Safer Driver

Jun 29, 2021, 2:15 pm / Abigail Williams

Safety should be the priority of drivers behind the wheels. It is the responsibility of all the drivers to do their part and ensure their safety and that of others too. Safety is the first step in preventing accidents.

And hence, you need to follow safe driving tips no matter how experienced you are. It is always better to reflect on basic traffic safety rules. To help you understand safety better, we have listed the top 10 safe driving tips that will help you become a safer driver.

The basic tips

1. Follow the speed limit

Driving at a fast speed is loved by many. Though it is a thrilling experience, public streets and highways are not a place to do so. Overspeed is known to be one of the most common reasons for road fatalities. Therefore, following the speed limit is the first safe driving tip that you should keep in mind. Exceeding the speed limit is both illegal and fatal in many cases.

2. Say no to distractions

There is a long list of things that lead to distraction while driving. This list includes using mobile phones, operating the music system, eating, talking with other passengers, etc. While using the mobile phone tops this list, others are equally dangerous. To ensure the safety of yourself and others, keep away distractions.

3. Maintain a suitable distance

Maintaining a considerable distance is one of the ways of defensive driving. It is recommended to keep a distance of at least 4 seconds from the vehicle in front of you. This will give you ample time to apply brake in case of any sudden situation.

4. Avoid fatigue or drunk driving

Getting behind the wheels when you are tired or drunk is a very dangerous thing to do. In such circumstances, you are not only endangering your life but that of others on the road too.

If you are too tired or sleepy pull over and sip on some coffee, or take a small nap. Never overexert yourself when you are behind the wheels. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a bigger offense and could also land you in deep legal trouble while also endangering your life.

5. Always wear safety belt

Though wearing a safety belt is one of the most fundamental principles of safe driving, we don't see many people following it. The purpose of wearing a safety belt is to protect you from grievous injury in case of an accident. By not wearing the belt you are leaving yourself more prone to a head injury or banging straight out of the windshield.

The intelligent tricks

1. Use headlights correctly

If you thought that headlights need to be used only at night then you are mistaken. It is advised to drive with your headlights on even during the day. If you are driving in rainy or foggy weather conditions, a headlight plays an important role in keeping you safe. It helps the other motorist to be aware of you, thus averting accidents.

2. Adopt a car night vision camera

A car night vision camera is like an absolute life-savior. Having in this in your car enhances your perception of the road many times. You can see the potential hazards in advance and take measures to stay safe.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro automotive night vision camera is one such device that can safeguard you against road mishaps. This system works based on low-light imaging technology. It reflects the actual road situation in the form of images in high resolution of 1080P and in full color. Thus, you can see the road with utmost clarity.

There is an 8” IPS screen which can be fixed on your windshield or dashboard for a comfortable view of the road. This car night vision camera enables you to see up to a distance of 300m, which is far beyond your car's headlights. There is a 45-degree wide-angle vision that captures a broader image of the road. Affordable and efficient, this car night vision system is what every safe driver should install.

3. Adjust your mirrors to cover blind spots

The moment you sit on the driver's seat, the first thing that you should do is adjusting the mirrors. By adjusting the rearview and side mirrors, you are capturing the blind spots. This will increase your vision of the road and reduces the chances of an accident.

4. Prepare a toolkit

As a cautious driver, you should always keep a basic toolkit handy in the car trunk. This will assist you to fix minor issues by yourself in case your car has a breakdown and there is no help available nearby. An emergency first aid kid should also accompany you wherever you go.

5.Don't forget insurance

Having your important documents handy is a must. This includes your insurance papers too. If any officer happens to ask you to show the proof, you should present them with the necessary documents immediately.

Keep these driving tips in mind when you get behind the wheels. It will assure your safety and that of the other motorists too. Abide by the traffic rules and you will be safe.

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