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Tips to Drive Safely in Animal Populated Area

Jun 29, 2021, 4:12 pm / Brian Lageose

It's not only the hunter who needs to blame when it comes to continuously reduced number of certain wildlife species, but also the drivers who drive carelessly and cause collisions, especially in animal populated areas. To which comes a pair of regulations regarding the safety measures for avoiding wildlife-vehicle collision. Speed limits, warning signs, appropriate use of headlights and most importantly remaining calm while driving can reduce the risk of hitting an animal on the motorways.

1. Watch out for the animal warning sign

Animal warning signs can be huge banners with the picture of some specific animals that are likely to be seen in that area, neon flags to warn the driver and written illustrations specifying the instructions that need to be followed in order to prevent animal's vehicle-collision accidents. These warning signs are designed to remind drivers to take more care when driving through because accidents have happen before. Drivers must be aware and cautious while driving so that they do not miss out any allocated animal warning sign particularly placed in that area.

2. Focus on the road

One of the basic rule for driving lies under the super cautious and alert observation skills of a driver. Drivers are not allowed to carry a pet with them or place it in their lap while driving, as those pets can also become a source of distraction for them to focus on the road and lead to tragic incidents. Drivers must watch out for any secret holes, speed breakers, under construction road warning signs and drive accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

3. Be especially mindful in peak hours

Generally, the rate of accidents is found to be vividly increased during peak hours, more specifically in morning or dusk. Drivers can also use the beam lights in late hours when its already dark as the beam lights can catch the reflections of certain animal's eyes like moose, deer and fox if they come in the driving lanes. Deers are likely to freeze after encountering the headlights as they cannot see through the shades of orange and red. In such cases drivers must use horns to alert them and wait till these animals cross their path.

4. Use a night vision assistant at night

The modern era in combination with newly developed technologies has produced various inventions for making the daily based tasks much easier than before. Under such invention comes the automotive night vision system by Lanmodo. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistant is based on a camera to allow the driver access to a clearer and better vision of road even at night. The main advantage of using this system is that it works on the principle of light magnification, namely it will utilize just faint light to form clear picture and display the pictures on its 8-inch screen. Besides, it Lanmodo night vision assistant helps drivers see farther than normal car headlights, thus warning the driver about the presence of an animal on the road before he or she encounters an animal blocking their way.

Lanmodo night vision assistant has magnificent camera with the provision of 1080p, full-color image for the ease of the driver. The camera also possesses the feature of 36-degree angle vision to capture a broad road view than human eyes. Hence, the use of lanmodo night vision system can help in prevention of animal collision incidents.

5. Slowdown in curves

Since humans are gifted with intelligence and a sense of choosing between right and wrong, they are prone to take preventive measures towards animals who lack these senses. Hence the drivers must pay high attention to the construction and structure of roads they are driving. Some roads are built with slopes; some can be rough while others can have numerous curves at every turn. These types of road can result in unbalancing of vehicle if the driver has not slowed down the speed and the outcome can lead him to an accident of vehicle collision.

6. Keep your windshield and headlights clean

The proper conditioning of cars and vehicles is mandatory in order to avoid the occurrence of accidents. Suppose, if the windshields are full of dust and the headlights have fused bulbs then it can easily become the reason for the driver to get the car stuck or collided anywhere. Therefore, it becomes of prime focus to assure the cleanliness and proper working of windshields and headlights respectively.

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