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Tips to Drive Home Safe at Night

Jun 28, 2021, 8:02 pm / Richard

The chances of motor vehicle accidents are 3 times greater at night than in the day. So being able to drive home safely requires a lot more effort at night, where visibility is compromised because of low light surroundings. The driver's inability to follow simple traffic rules and tips also contribute to these accidents. Even if you are in a hurry to get home early after a day at work, it doesn't mean that you can drive, however you like. The followings are just some of the tips that can more likely help you reach your home safely and soundly:

Inform your family that you are coming home

At the end of your working day, it would be nice to call your family to inform them that you will be driving home. They are always hoping that you will be arriving safely and they would be happy to hear your voice informing them that you are on your way home. Before driving, make sure that you are alert and confident that you will reach your destination safely. Ensure also that your vehicle is in the right condition and the seats, head rest and mirror are properly adjusted for you.

Don't drive when you are tired

If you feel very tired after working, don't drive right after your shift. Take rest first, for about 30 minutes or so, before setting for home. It is incredibly dangerous to drive, while you are feeling so tired, not just to yourself, but to all motorists on the road. Even if you don't fall asleep behind the wheels, but when you are tired and you're driving, it will reduce your reaction time. Your ability to asses a situation, as well as to respond to it, will become slower. Your tiredness may lead to unfortunate circumstances.

Pay attention to where you are

This simply means that you should be aware of what is going on around you. Don't let yourself get distracted while driving, but rather you should be able to see the situations in real time. Don't keep looking at something other than the road or never pay attention, when you are hearing something that is not connected to driving. When you are manipulating something, other than the steering wheel, such as talking and texting on your mobile device, you are inviting an accident to happen. Listening to music can be beneficial, but loud music can distract you incredibly, which can make you lose control of the wheels.

Use car lights correctly

Your car has its headlights and dashboard lights. Use them correctly for your night driving safety. Sometimes, even in brand new cars, the headlights are not even or they are pointed uncomfortably low. If you can, aim them correctly and perfectly, as this can affect your driving a lot. If you can't, take your car to a shop and have the lights adjusted. If there are road grimes on the headlights, clean them to give you brightness. In old model cars, the headlight that has become yellow due to age, can be polished, so that it becomes bright. There is a headlight polish kit available for this purpose. Adjust your dash-lights, to remove the reflections on the windshield. This will enable your eyes to be able to adjust better to the dark road, thus enhancing your night time visibility.

Get a night vision system to increase safety

When you are driving home after work, it always pays to be extra careful. However, the good news is that a night vision system, particularly that of Lanmodo, can help you drive safely home, even when it's dark at night. It has an 8" HD, IPS screen and 1080P resolution. With this you'll surely have a crystal-clear vision of the road ahead. What's more, it is in full color, so you can easily distinguish the things that you see on the screen. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system provides a view of 300 meters and 45-degree wide angle vision, allowing you to take quick decisions, when you need to. All these features combine to help you take action in advance, to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening.

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