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Tips on How to Drive Safely and Securely!

Jun 30, 2021, 4:05 pm / Brian Lageose
It is reported that more than 30,000 people in United States die due to traffic accidents. Furthermore, more than 2 million people are injured because of such mishaps. An individual's carelessness, of not using basic safety precaution, leads to such incidents. Weather condition, road condition and behaviors of himself threaten the drivers safety. Listed below are top things which threaten the drivers' safety.
  1. Avoiding seat belts
Many people consider that seat belt are an optional accessory installed in vehicles and find it uncomfortable to use it. Due to such negligence, you are putting yourself in great danger of serious injuries, and in worse scenario it can lead to life threatening accident. Serious injuries include injury to head, chest, abdomen, neck and spine. It is reported that of all the accidents that occur, half of them is due to the carelessness of drivers not wearing seat belts.
  1. Bad-weather driving:
Weather is very unpredictable and you never know when, what may happen. Adverse weather condition can make road treacherous, increasing risks of crashes significantly. Extreme climatic condition can make driving really challenging. Weather condition like snow, ice, fog, rain, and dust can greatly affect your ability to see. It is reported that 24% of these crashes occur due to adverse climatic condition. Therefore it is best to avoid driving in such weather condition as it is huge threat to drivers safety.
  1. Low visibility of night road
Driving your vehicle at night can seem very daring, as the only light you get is from your own vehicle's headlight. Such illumination is not enough for the driver, leaving the driver with compromised view, making it difficult to see roads ahead and recognize hazards. Low visibility will leave a much reduced stopping distance, increasing the risk of accidents substantially.
  1. Old people driving
As reported by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, elder people are likely to be responsible for an accident more than teens, in which they are involved. This is because as an individual ages his mental health, physical strength and his overall well-being deteriorate. Accepting that an aging individual is not capable of driving safely, due to certain impairment like hearing or seeing, is a very challenging task.
  1. Wrong use of headlights
Prohibition of flashing headlights varies by jurisdiction. Wrong use of headlight can result in dreadful accidents. Furthermore, flashing headlights can blind the other road user for several seconds which can result in terrible car crash. Using high beam can distract the driver in vehicle in front of you, as the bright light would shine in their rear view mirror. Misuse of headlights threaten the divers' safety.

Safe Driving Tips

After listing the things which threatens the drivers safety. We may now discuss what to do in order to drive safely. Below are some safety driving tips:

  1. It is very vital to get your own driving license. For this, you have to go through driving course, which will assist you greatly in learning about all the traffic rules and safe driving techniques. The driving course will help you learn how to drive via instructor, who will teach you driving courses skillfully. However driving on real roads will be still a tricky task to do.
  2. Significant attention should be given to car's maintenance. It should be made sure regularly that all parts, like brake pads and car tires, are in proper working condition to avoid mishaps due to brake fail. It is very crucial to assure that all the windows, rearview and windshield are neat and clean.
  3. When it comes to drivers' safety clear vision for driver is most significant factor. Hence for your safety, Lanmodo has launched the Lanmodo Vast Pro which is one of the finest, unbeatable automotive car night vision system. It permits you to gain access of the night vision distance even up to 300m by displaying HD full-color image on the screen. Furthermore, you are no longer required to stress about driving safely in foggy or rainy days. By installing Lanmodo Vast Pro you get to know the clear situation of road ahead of you in advance, regardless of any weather condition you are driving in! Enhance your driving experience with this safe driving assistant system.
  4. Giving up your car keys is not an easy task especially for elder individuals who have been driving since ages. But due to their physical and mental weakness driving is no longer safe for them. Hence, a friendly counseling should be given by their family members asking them to give up driving. Also you can accompany them and let them drive sometime in order to make them happy.

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