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Tips for Truck Drivers: Preparing for Long-distance Drives

Jun 29, 2021, 3:28 pm / Evelyn Smith

Truck driving can be both challenging and exciting. If you are a truck driver by profession, whether a newbie or have experienced driver, it is important to prepare before you set out on a long journey. A long-distance truck drive can be a smooth one provided you have done preparations before-hand. In this article, we shall help you with some useful tips. They will prepare you for smooth and pleasurable driving.

Keeping Healthy:

  1. Find time to exercise

A truck driver's job is to sit for extended hours and set out on long-distance drive. Sitting all day long combined with poor eating habits is only going to make you fat. You surely don't want to grow into a big potato.

You won't find gyms around you most of the time. And this can make you completely negligent towards your body. We recommend you to follow an exercise routine. It can be as simple as going for a walk whenever you find the time. This will help to keep your body active and healthy.

  1. Eat healthy, less junk food

It is easy to fall into the bad eating habit while you are going around with your truck. Eating junk can make your body fat and unhealthy. Eating at restaurants and truck shops will also cost you money.

A better alternative is to bring your food and store it inside your truck. If you have an inverter in your truck, storing food is convenient. However, even if you don't have an inverter you can rely on 12-volt outlets and cigarettes lighter outlets. Add vegetables and fruits t your diet.

  1. Keep inside clean

Maintain cleanliness inside the truck. Get it cleaned regularly, which will help to keep away unwanted germs and also keep you healthy. Since you spend a huge amount of time inside the truck, keeping it clean is essential.

A dirty vehicle can lower your spirits and also make you fall sick. And falling sick is the last thing a truck driver on duty will want.

Driving Advice:

  1. Get a good GPS

A good GPS is one of the most essential things that you should have as a truck driver. It can be really helpful for your long journeys. Having a good GPS can help you to easily complete your journey without losing your way or landing into any unnecessary trouble on the way.

  1. A Pre-trip inspection is important

Never forget to do a thorough pre-inspection of your vehicle before each journey. A pre-inspection will alert you if any vehicle part needs attention. Check the tire pressure, lamps, fluid, brakes and all other important parts of the truck. We're sure you don't want to get stuck on a highway with a vehicle that has broken down.

  1. Take help from car safety and gadget

Technology has given birth to various safety gadgets today. These gadgets can work really well and make a big difference in the way you perceive the road. Lanmodo night vision assistant is a wonderful gadget that can make night driving a breeze for you.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistant displays full-color vision and shows you the real road situation. The images are displayed at 1080P high resolution with the help of 7 layers full glass lens. The 8-inch screen keeps your vision comfortable and causes no distraction. It also comes with a 45-degree wide-angle vision that extends up to 300m. Whether it is raining, or the road is foggy, the Lanmodo Vast Pro will help you under all circumstances.

  1. Stop driving when feeling tired

One of the biggest causes of truck accidents is lack of sleep. Most drivers continue with their journey even after being extremely tired. Listen to your body cues and take appropriate rest when your body needs it.

Remember, it is ok to stop and take some rest rather than meeting with an accident. Being alert is one of the most important requisites of your truck driving career. Also, appropriate rest and sufficient sleep will keep your body functioning well.

  1. Bring first-aid and tools

Always make sure that your vehicle has a first aid kit. It can come really handy if you need some emergency assistance. It is also advisable to have some basic tools in your truck. This will help you to do minor repairs in situations where nearby help is not accessible.

About Entertainment:

No matter how excited you are to go out with your truck or how much you love your job, you will be bored by endless driving. It is important to keep some things around to keep you entertained. Carry a book along, or listen to your favorite music. Keep your PlayStation or Xbox, play online games, or watch some television; all these will keep you going on long journeys with pleasant mood.


If you often undertake long-distance driving with your truck, remember to follow the above tips. These tips will go a long way in keeping you safe and also help you to perform efficiently at your job. So the next time you hit the road with your vehicle, keep the above tips in mind and you can thank us later. Happy driving!

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