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Tips for Safe Driving on a Country Road at Night

Jun 29, 2021, 4:59 pm / Lara

A very well known fact about country roads is that they are dangerous. It is reported that in 2018, 60% of the road fatalities occurred on country roads in UK. Country roads have narrow lanes and are the most dangerous roads to drive on, especially at night. It is essential to follow the important safety rules to protect yourself and fellow travelers. Below are some safe driving tips that will help you drive on country roads smoothly.

1. Use headlights correctly

The thumb rule for driving at night is to ensure that all the lights including the headlight, sidelight, fog lights, and brake lights are working. Have a thorough inspection of all the lights before you drive on country road.

Driving on country roads is already tough, and without proper lights, it is life-threatening and illegal too. You should also be aware of how to use the lights correctly. You may use full beam lights to have a clear picture of the road. However, use dipped beam lights when you see vehicles approaching from the other side. By doing so, you will not dazzle them with your lights.

2. Keep attention

Another safety trip for driving at night on a country road is to keep your attention on the road. It is best to refrain from doing anything that can distract you. This includes using mobile phones, checking the map or anything similar. Getting distracted from the road proves to be extremely dangerous for you and others too. Keep your attention on the road signs to know what lies ahead. This way you will be able to make decisions quickly and correctly.

3. Take advantage of night vision assistant

The country roads are poorly lit, making it difficult to see at night. A very effective way to maintain night safety on the country road is to take help from a night vision system, which will be very useful in such situations. One of the best systems is the Lanmodo night vision assistant. It makes use of low-light imaging technology to give you a crisp and clear image in 1080P resolution, reflecting the real situation of the road.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro automotive night vision system has a 45-degree wide-angle vision and can help drivers see as farther than headlights. This gives you a clear picture of the road ahead and helps you to take the necessary precautions. Knowing the road in advance reduces the risk of accident considerably, thus keeping you safe. The Lanmodo system also comprises of an 8 inch IPS screen to let you see the road without any distractions.

A very notable feature of this device is that it is compatible with 99% of the cars and is reasonably priced too. Thus, most of the people can afford it and stay safe.

4. Beware of animals on the road

If you are traveling through the rural areas at night, you will most likely come across animals. It can be hard to spot them, and hence it is best to stay alert. However, if you are using the Lanmodo night vision system, then you will spot the animals in advance. This way you can avoid any damage and stay safe.

If you happen to spot any animal, whether domestic or wild, the first thing to do is to stop. Give them plenty of space to pass by and keep the engine noise low to avoid spooking them. Don't try to steer around the animal. This can be futile because they will most likely follow your car lights and swerving is known to be the leading cause of accidents due to wildlife encounters.

5. Follow the speed limit

One of the biggest causes of accidents on country roads is speeding. It accounts for 30% or more accidents on the country road. You may have traveled on the road several times in the past. However, what waits around the corner cannot be predicted- an animal, a cyclist, potholes, rough patches, etc. anything can come in your way. It is the best to be within the speed limits and have full control of your vehicle. This will give you enough time for reaction and braking too.

Night driving in itself is a big challenge. More so if it is a country road. But there is nothing that can't be overcome with knowledge and intelligence. All you need to do is stay alert, prep up your car and stay vigilant.

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