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Tips for Maintaining Safety during Mountain Driving

Oct 25, 2019, 9:03 am / Brian Lageose

Getting away from the busy city lives and instead enjoying the fresh mountain air can be relaxing. Driving your way amidst the mountains can be an exhilarating experience, however mountain driving also includes considerable amounts of dangers. And this is why it is better to be well prepared. Below are a few safe driving tips that will assist you in being well prepared in advance and avoid accidents.


It is important to remember that driving through the mountains is altogether different. The routes are going to strain your vehicle and you too, especially if it is your first time.

  1. Ensure enough gas

Remember that steep routes use up more gas than the usual ways. While traveling in mountainous areas, don't expect a gas station between miles of distance. It is therefore wise to have your tank full. Many mountain areas have low visibility and less passers-by, so running out of gas in such a situation could land you in a risk of no timely rescue.

  1. Check vehicle condition

Before you start the journey, don't forget to tune up your car. Get a thorough inspection of the vehicle done to ensure it is in the best condition. Pay special attention to the brakes, tire pressure, and transmission fluid. Also make sure that the windshield wipers, exhaust system, and batteries are functioning properly.

  1. Be ready for emergencies

Emergencies can land you in a stranded situation for several hours. Bad weather or a car accident can push you into an emergency. Therefore, keep your family and friends informed about your trip, and the time you plan to return. Also, gear up for any emergency by packing all the important things, including extra food and water, clothes and first aid. Don't forget to equip yourself with the basic car tools, in case your car needs minor repairs these tools will be a life savior.

  1. Plan the route beforehand

Don't completely rely on the GPS to reach your destination. Though the system may work perfectly fine in the urban area, there can be disruptions in the hilly areas. Hence, it is advisable to plan your route beforehand to avoid getting stuck in the wrong way.

On the road

  1. Take frequent brakes and brake gently

A very important safety tip in the mountains is to brake early. Braking continuously on a steep grade will overwork your brakes. Pay attention to the speed signs, and turns and apply the brakes before the turn. This will help you to drive smoothly through the turns. On the contrary, if you put the brakes after entering the turn, the momentum is shifted forward. This makes it more difficult to get control of your car.

  1. Use driving assistant

When driving in the mountains at night, take the help of night vision assistance. The Lanmodo vast automotive night vision system is one of the best driving assistants. It features a 36-degree wide-angle vision of the road, which gives you a broader view of the road. Lanmodo driving assistant provides up to 300m night vision distance, much further beyond car headlights. The system also boasts of an 8.2 inch IPS screen that displays the road image in 1080p full HD resolution. The high-quality image will offer better visual effects while you drive amidst the mountains. Thus, you can see the road situation clearly and act quickly. The best part is that this system is compatible with 99% of the cars and is available at a very affordable price.

  1. Downshift before extreme downgrades

Not applying the brakes before the downgrade starts is a wrong method. It is highly advised that you brake before the downgrade begins and not halfway through it. This technique helps to keep you safe and it also helps to reduce the maintenance cost. If you try to shift gears after the downhill starts, it can be very dangerous. You can end up losing control of your vehicle and stranded in a difficult situation too.

The above-stated tips can be very effective in helping you to sail smoothly through the mountainous roads. It is always better to be cautious and adhere to the road rules. Keep calm, be prepared and enjoy the mountains. Most importantly take utmost care of your safety and that of fellow travelers.

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